BackTalk: Choosing between children, pets sparks debate


Having children more fulfilling than just pets

by BRITTNY STEGALL//Opinion Editor

From your first ultrasound, to their first words, watching your baby grow up to be a young man or woman is a greater blessing than seeing your puppy grow up.

I am all for having pets. I even have a few myself. But the thought of having children when I get older is far better than anything else I could imagine. Children are a blessing sent from God himself.

I have worked with children as long as I can remember, and nothing brings me the same amount of joy as children. Children can bring a sense of pride to your life, and they can bring infinite amounts of love. For a woman, that first touch with your baby is something incredible.

Children are far more incredible than animals. If you have children, yes, one should consider getting a pet, because that bond between a child and their pet could be inseparable. But that bond cannot be made without a child.

I do not have any children, but I do plan to have four later in my life. After I graduate from college and settle down, I can’t wait for the day I become pregnant. The thought of being able to hold a beautiful baby in my arms after hours of labor is something I believe every woman should experience.

You can always hold a puppy or a kitten, but I do not believe it will give the same feeling as holding a child would. A puppy or kitten can’t hold your finger like a child can. It won’t ever be able to say their first words, such as “momma” or “dada.” You cannot teach it to ride a bike or read. You would miss out on incredible opportunities one would have with a child.

With children, you can do so many things. Not only can you do physical things, such as teaching them how to ride a bike, walk, or even play a sport, but you obtain a feeling in you that will never fade. It’s a feeling of love, protection, and the feeling of fear. but in the best way.

No one can really prepare you for the actual act of becoming a father or a mother, like one can prepare for having a dog. You can get everything right and everything you need, yet still be insanely nervous. Because what if your baby doesn’t like you, or you might not know how to hold them? Then the dreaded question, what if I’m not fit to be a parent? That is just something that comes with the territory of being a new parent. But it will come to you, and you will soon realize that there is no greater act than becoming a parent.

Think about holding your baby for the first time, filming their first steps, watching them graduate from pre-k, high school, and college, and one day maybe walking your daughter down the aisle to her future husband. You will not be able to do that if you only have a pet. You might teach the animal a few tricks, and, yes, it will love you. But it will not have the same effect on you as having a child would.

Kids take backseat to top dogs, fat cats

by SERGIO MADRID//Editorial Assistant

Raising a pet is no walk in the park. But it beats changing diapers.

Face it, kids get spoiled. They pout and cry about every little thing. But with a simple treat, dogs will sit, stay, speak, and pretty much do anything your training capabilities can muster.

Children are picky. They don’t like this food. They hate that toy. Sometimes they hate you. OK, maybe they didn’t mean it, but they said it.

You just cooked dinner, but now you’re ordering pizza, all because they threw a fit and put their plate in the trash. A dog would never do that. In fact, a dog will eat your trash, leaving you with one less chore to do.

Let’s not forget about those stinky diapers. And who could resist that harmonic shriek? You almost fell asleep that time.

With a dog, all you have to do is potty train for about a month, or possibly get a doggy door to save yourself time and effort. Who would dare do such a thing? Wouldn’t you rather buy diapers for three to four years? After that, you might as well just resort to buying brown underwear.

Don’t even get me started on feeding those animals. And I’m talking about babies.

Whether you’re making bottles or breast-feeding, it’s a hassle. It’s nowhere near as simple as pouring dog food into a bowl.

You can’t take your baby for a walk like you can a dog. You need to buy a stroller, take a diaper bag with you, and make friends with other moms, because all your single friends are too busy being single and childless. And all the other moms want to do is talk about their kids and how much better they are than yours.

Puppies don’t have to be told when or what to eat. And they aren’t helpless, because they are fine walking on their own. Kids need swimming lessons.

If you’re thinking of bypassing the baby stage and just adopting, you’ve obviously never seen “the Omen.”

Kids are creepy. They have imaginary friends, and talk to themselves. Those aren’t good signs. For all you know, you could be raising the next Charles Manson. Think of how many lives you could be saving by getting a pet instead.

Of course, pets don’t come without faults of their own. They might get into your trash. It needed to be taken out anyway.

They may even dig holes all over your backyard. Man was put on the earth to turn the soil. They’re just helping you out.

Maybe they chew up your shoes, keep you up all night with their barking, or even cough up the occasional hairball.

If you take time to really think about it, those shoes weren’t for you, and your dog knew it. Trust me when I say, that squirrel is up to no good. I’m thinking possible ties with ISIS. And that hairball, come on. First one this hour.

The point is, this behavior is all out of love. Pets are simple, nonmaterialistic animals. Give a pup a little training, a little love, and you’ve got yourself not just a baby, but a best friend.

Cats are even easier, which is why I didn’t even bother bringing them up until now. A ball of yarn, a litter box, and a tray full of kibble is all you need for a cat.

But when it comes to children, you reach a point where you realize how much you love them. And you think it couldn’t possibly get any better. Then it happens. Puberty hits, and they turn into the real monsters. You know the beast I speak of…. Teenagers!

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