Highlight yourself through hair color

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer


In a constantly evolving world, styles are rapidly changing.

More and more people are going against the social norms and finding creative ways to express themselves. Things that used to be considered taboos, are now gaining more respect within our culture. However, there are still many biased opinions when it comes to having un-natural hair colors.

Dying your hair bright and creative colors is a healthy form of self-expression.  You are able to experiment with your own style and aesthetic.  It allows a person to play with what they do and don’t like. At the end of the day, it is only hair. Yes, it is a semi-permanent commitment that a person has to make. However, expressing yourself through your hair is less of a commitment than a tattoo or piercing. You can change your hair color if you grow tired of it. Hair dye gives you the ability to be different without worrying about long-term commitment.

Dying your hair is an easy way to give yourself an instant change to your look that is unique. Pink, Purple, or blue hair is going to make a statement. It is a distinct way to show your creativity. Changing your hair color also can act as a form of self-therapy.  It is a change that can mean more than just a simple hair color. It can represent a new chapter in someone’s life, or can represent someone wanting to step out of their original comfort zone.

Dying your hair an un-natural color is also an instant confidence booster. When going out anywhere with bright hair, you are obviously going to get noticed. Whether opinions are good or bad, you are going to receive stares and comments, especially from children who do not fully understand the concept of hair dye.

A person has to have confidence in himself or herself to love how he or she looks, despite the negative comments he or she may receive. Every time they go anywhere, they are going to be judged solely on the fact that their hair color is different. Not everyone has the confidence to face the world every day knowing people are going to disapprove of them. People with colored hair have the ability to put their opinions of themselves before the opinions of others. You learn to take disapproval with your head held high and not worry about what other people think of you.

Even though un-natural hair color comes with a lot of disapproval, it has many more advantages. The color can act as an instant energizer. Every day, when you look in the mirror you are going to see the bright, cheerful color on your head. The fun, bright, and happy color gives you an instant feeling of joy when you see it.

Bright hair colors are also just plain fun and don’t affect anyone but the person dying his or her hair. If blue, pink, or green hair makes the individual happy, then why is it a bad thing? If that person is happy with how he or she looks and it isn’t causing any harm to anyone, why do we still see it as a taboo?

Overall, un-natural hair color is a great way for individuals to express themselves, gain confidence, and have fun in their own individuality. We should appreciate this form of individualism, instead of criticizing it. A bright hair color can give someone the ability to love himself or herself for something that makes them different from the rest of the world.

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