Lady Texans look to end season with momentum

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Editorial Assistant


With the regular season coming to an end, the South Plains College women’s basketball team has gained momentum with multiple victories before tournament play.

With conference play ending in the Western Junior College Athletic Conference, the Lady Texans defeated Clarendon at home, 81-55 on Feb. 23.

With momentum of a three-game winning streak, the No. 7-ranked Lady Texans worked quickly to take an early lead in the first quarter, 23-12.

Clarendon continued to struggle on the floor offensively and could not stall the SPC offense. Clarendon put up 14 points in the second quarter, but the Lady Texans increased the lead to 44-26 going into the second half.

The SPC offense continued to put the Clarendon defense on their heels throughout the course of the second half. Clarendon was limited to 14 points in the third quarter, while the Lady Texans pushed their lead to 62-40.

With offense being a key component in the Lady Texans’ victory, the SPC defense held Clarendon to 15 points or less in all four quarters.

Clarendon finished the final quarter with 15 points, while the Lady Texans finished with 19 points.

Sophomore Yanina Inkina led the Lady Texans with a season-high 26 points.

Sophomore guard Joneva Huey and sophomore forward Taylor Holley each finished the game with 15 points for SPC.

img_4242Sophomore guard Brittany Smith put up 11 points against Clarendon and also broke a school record with 15 assists.

The Lady Texans went on the road to defeat Howard College, 67-57, on Feb. 20 in Big Spring.

With a slow start in the first quarter, the Lady Texans’ offense was limited to 13 points and trailed the Lady Hawks 15-13 going into the second quarter.

In the second quarter, SPC found offensive production, putting up 18 points, while limiting Howard College to 12 points.

The Lady Texans flipped the momentum in their favor, going into halftime with a 32-27 lead.

In the third quarter, both teams struggled to put points on the scoreboard. However, the Lady Texans were able to keep a 46-43 lead after being outscored 16-14 in the third quarter.

With a three-point gap in the fourth quarter, the Lady Texans forced their hand offensively and began to pull away from the Lady Hawks.

The Lady Hawks were held to 14 points on offense, while the Lady Texans scored 22 points and took home another victory on the road.

The Lady Texans returned to the Texan Dome to defeat New Mexico Junior College 66-55 on Feb. 13.

Being the underdog against the No. 4-ranked Lady Thunderbirds, the Lady Texans jumped ahead of NMJC in the first quarter, 18-15.

As the Lady Texans continued to limit the Lady Thunderbirds’ offensive production, the SPC lead continued to increase in the second quarter.

After stringing together baskets, the Lady Texans neared halftime with a 34-17 lead against NMJC.

In the third quarter, the Lady Texans continued their offensive attack, pushing the lead to 45-33.

While SPC continued to string together baskets against the Lady Thunderbirds’ defense, NMJC began to score points late in the fourth quarter.

Jasauen Beard led the SPC offense with 22 points and also grabbed 14 rebounds.

Elizabeth Cera finished the game with 11 points.


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