Viral video raises questions for struggling relationships

by CHANISE RAY//Staff Writer

Hurt Bae’ and her cheating ex-boyfriend have Twitter in tears – Leonard and Kourtney 2/16/17 Source: Scene/Twitter

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can talk about something more unromantic.

The Twitter world went crazy over a recent video of two exes getting closure. The recently trending hashtag “#hurtbae” presumably refers to the woman in the video, Kourtney. The producers of this video sat this couple down and had them talk about why they did not work out, which brought up a bigger issue, which is cheating.

The man in the video, Leonard, is now being slaughtered on the Internet because of the answers he had to questions about his infidelity. We have seen this way too many times. We all have that friend who has the cheating boyfriend. Your friend will say she is done every time, but always goes back to get hurt again. Then you are the one there holding the tissues for her.

I used to be that friend with the cheating boyfriend.

Kourtney (from the video) has also been getting some backlash from viewers of the video who are saying she is stupid for staying with Leonard. But some people just do not know what it is like to be in that type of relationship. I was always on edge when my boyfriend was not with me, and when he was we were fighting because of something he did, the way he looked at another girl passing by, or whatever else he might have done that day. When he did actually cheat, I would say I was done, and I would really mean it.

At that point, I had been dating him for a few years, and it is hard to just leave someone you spend almost every day with. To be honest, if I did not move so far away from him to go to college, I probably would still be with him and he would still most likely cheat on me. Every time, he would say, “I’ll never do it again” and “I learned my lesson.” I really did believe that he actually meant those things, but we were in high school. We were both immature and did not understand the importance loyalty and trust had in a relationship. I still don’t fully understand.

Society shows us at every turn what a relationship should be. Obviously, cheating is bad, no matter what. But maybe the person who does it does it because he or she are not happy, or, at least happy enough.

Twitter is full of pictures of happy couples and captions that say “#goals.” People seem to think those couples in those pictures are always so happy.  Every relationship has its flaws, but I believe a real relationship cannot even begin unless both people are fully matured and committed. You should not date someone you do not see a future with as well.

Sure, marriage should not be what is on your mind when you go out on your first date. But after you get to know the person, ask yourself if you see this person in your life for a while. If not, you are probably wasting you time.

Another way you may be able to tell that you might be wasting your time is if you do not care to ask your partner his or her opinion on any big decision you may have to make, especially the decisions that could affect them as well. If it has been a few months and our parents still do not know about your significant other, that may be a problem. For me, it is always a big deal for my mother to meet any guy I am seeing, because she has strong opinions and she will let the guy know right then and there if she likes him or not. Also, this may be kind of obvious, but if you feel afraid to be yourself with someone, that is probably not someone you should be with.

In regards to the video, “hurt bae” Kourtney is allegedly seeing someone new and is very happy. As for Leonard, he recently graduated from college. From what I have seen on Instagram, he also is very happy with his life. The moral of this story may be don’t do an interview talking about how you cheated. Maybe just treat people right, or break up if you do not feel that you can be with one person.

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