Brangers uses positive college experiences to influences daily life

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Editorial Assistant


Leading the South Plains College men’s basketball team in offense and helping the top team in the nation get to their goal of a national championship is what Jordan Brangers has on his mind.

The 6-foot-2 sophomore shooting guard has put his mark on the SPC men’s basketball program, leading the Texans offensively along with putting his name in the school record books.  He recently broke Marshall Henderson’s school record of 128 3-point field goals in a season during a sophomore night victory against Western Texas College on March 2.

Currently, Brangers is continuing his season campaign with 136 3’s heading into the NJCAA national tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Although SPC is 15 hours away from Brangers’ hometown of Radcliff, Kentucky, he is happy with the decisions he has made to finally see his hard work pay off on the court and in life.

“My family has supported me through all of this and moving away to pursue my dreams,” said Brangers. “My family and I knew that this is all about business, whether I went to play basketball for a major program such as Texas Tech, or just to get a degree to live life the way I want to. Either way, they have supported me.”

Brangers says that he has received endless amounts of support through his career from friends and family. Dropping out before his high school graduation, Brangers explained that it was more than three and a half years before he decided to go back to get his GED.

After acquiring his GED, he took a year off before attending St. Catherine College in Springfield, Kentucky, then transferred to Motlow State Junior College before Steve Green, the men’s basketball coach at SPC, presented the opportunity to play basketball for the Texans.

The sophomore sharpshooter has definitely made a name for himself with the help of coach Coach Green.

“When I first came to SPC, Coach Green was hard on me, but I knew he just wanted the best out of me and for me,” explained Brangers.

The bond between Brangers and Coach Green has grown since he first stepped foot on the Levelland campus. The shooting guard explained how much potential Coach Green saw in Brangers and expectations for success.

“When I first started talking to Coach, I could tell that he cared and wanted the best for both of us,” recalls Brangers. “He has seen things in me that I never imagined I would have accomplished. He has just pushed me to a different level.”

As for his future, Brangers has signed his letter of intent to play for the Texas Tech University men’s basketball team next year.

IMG_5417Brangers explained that playing for Texas Tech is a great opportunity to continue to grow his game and move closer to his overall goals.

“My goal is to be successful at Tech and graduate with some type of degree,” added Brangers, “but everyone’s dream is to play in the NBA, and if I could play well at the next level that first year, I will want to put my name in the NBA draft.”

Brangers says that his choice to attend Texas Tech is because of the coaching staff and players for displaying their level of interest.

“Getting phone calls from coaches, and getting to talk to some of the players really influenced my decision,” he said. “Also, the fans and supporters from Tech who took the time to message me on my social media like Twitter, wishing me the best out of my career and telling me to keep playing at the university was a great feeling.”

Although Brangers has not decided on a specific major when attending Texas Tech, he said he has an interest in coaching and sees that as a strong career option.

As for his tenure at SPC, he is majoring in general studies and has enjoyed his time at the college and in Levelland.

“I love my team and coaches,” Brangers said. “I have met a lot of new people and developed a lot of friendships after spending this year here.”

He said there have been benefits of attending a small and close college.

“I think the campus is beautiful, in my opinion,” Brangers related, “and with Levelland being a small town, it gives me a chance to keep my focus on being successful in the classroom and keeping my attention on the court. The gym is the go-to place here on campus.”

While being on the court and finding ways to help the team tops his list of priorities, Brangers understands that you cannot get far on the court unless you achieve in the classroom as well.

“I have enjoyed my classes throughout this year,” said Brangers, “and my professors know that we are on the same mission. They want the best for me, but want to make sure I leave with the knowledge I need to succeed in life. The professors make sure to hold me accountable for what I need to do, and I appreciate that type of teaching.”

While his time at SPC is nearing an end, Brangers said he will continue to use the things he has learned and will hold on to new friendships he has made.

While the high-octane guard from Kentucky has spent limited time in Levelland, Brangers will be known as a Texan to the people of West Texas.


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