Cure for disease hidden behind greed

by BRITTNY STEGALL//Opinion Editor


Greed is one of the most vial things in this world, especially when it becomes a choice between saving someone’s life or making money.

As someone who has had multiple family members pass away due to cancer, known friends who have gotten HIV, and seen the horrific effects of AIDS, I want to, and I will, fight until the very end until I find out if there is a cure for any of these dreadful diseases.

I believe there is a cure for cancer, HIV, and AIDS, but America and the world are too greedy, self-righteous, and have no care for the many people with these diseases. They rely too much on money. If there is actually a cure for those diseases, they would never give it out, due to the fear of losing millions of dollars.

With millions upon billions of dollars going into the treatment of cancer, HIV, and AIDS, why on earth would they give it up? The United States is in so much debt that if they released a cure, they would lose so much and crawl further into it. But instead of doing the right thing and saving someone’s mother, grandpa, or any other family member, they stay greedy and would rather keep the money for themselves.

Finding a cure would bring in money by the millions, but I do not believe that it would reach the price that chemotherapy, HIV and AIDs prescriptions have reached. It’s not the fact that they would not make money from it, but the fact that they would not make enough of it.

Think about how the world could be different, the many possibilities that the world could change by just releasing a cure, if there is one. No more chemotherapy, no more $12,000 medical prescriptions for HIV, none of it. Instead of fighting through the treatment, patients would be living for a cure.

All the millions of men, women, and children who have died because there is no cure could have been avoided, if someone was out there looking and fighting for it? The men, women, and children who will die in the future because there is no cure could be changed. We just have to start worrying about people rather than wealth and greed.

As a journalism major, I have made up my mind that when I get my degree and get out in the playing field, I will dig and I will find the cure for these horrifying diseases. No matter how long it may take, the people who are battling these diseases need someone out there to fight for them to find a cure.

People are far more precious than money could ever be. Would you shoot a family member if someone put a million-dollar check in front of your face and said, “do it?” I don’t think so, because no amount of money is worth that! But if the world is hiding the cure, then they are essentially pulling that trigger and killing them in front of you.

People need to come together and help save their mothers, fathers, children, and all the other fighting the fight. Because everyone deserves a fighting chance.

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