Rock band finds inspiration through emotions

by DESIREE MENDEZ//Staff Writer


Residue is an alternative rock band is going for an electric rock fusion vibe.

The lead singer and creator of the Austin-based modern alternative rock band is Corey Trahan. Residue has played with numerous national acts, including Adema, Powerman 5000, Hurt, and Papa Roach. The band is currently endorsed by DirtBag Apparel.

The band is composed of: Corey Trahan, vocals, from Beaumont; Josh Fortenot, drummer, from Mississippi; Donavan Cavanaugh, guitar, from New Jersey; and John Bock, bassist, from Connecticut. All currently reside in Austin.

Residue started touring Texas in 2008. Trahan came up with the name for the band by taking over a former band that he was in, so it was the residual, or left over, from the old band. The members of the band have known each other for a little more than six years.

Residue recently performed at Backstage Live in Lubbock on March 4.

“We share our passion for music with the people we love,” said Trahan.

Trahan and Fortenot both write the music they perform.

“I think what inspires me to write with Corey is mainly that we both prefer to tell a story in our songs,” explained Fortenot. We want to express something meaningful, and also about ideas that we value. “We both have pretty similar world views, and fortunately the writing comes pretty naturally.”

“Some of that is us having played together for more than five years, but I think most of it is having that common goal,” added Trahan.  “Corey is also just a fun guy to write with, because he’s open to basically anything, even if it doesn’t set well with him right away. I think that’s the best way to approach any creative project.”

Trahan says he feels that he can sing about topics that he wouldn’t normally talk to people about, subjects that are personal.

“The number one inspiration for lyrics is the underlying music,” said Trahan.  “It’s mood, the atmosphere it creates, how it makes me feel.  Once I connect to the music, it usually sends me into a personal place where I may be frustrated, in love, in fear, et cetera…  It is a highly introspective process that forces me to stop my life, “blow up the outside world” and dive deep into myself to pull out something meaningful.  It is a very healing process.”

Passion is what drives the band musically. It is a release from the real world, for them, to show passion for a topic and sing about it to get their opinion or message out to the world without controversy.

“The music and lyrics I write are extremely personal,” said Trahan.  “I feel like if you’re a musician, and you’re not personal, then you’re just an entertainer, not an artist. Music is a connection medium.  It is meant for folks to express things they cannot in conversation. There are many topics that I would never bring up with even the closest of my friends or family that I feel comfortable writing about.  I know that somewhere someone will listen and no longer feel like they are alone on the topic.  I tend to write about religion, politics or just whatever is personally bugging me at the moment.”

Trahan offers some advice to inspiring artists.

“Perspective is the key to any form of art,” he said.  “Don’t get overburdened by your environment, or lost in the details of every day. Maintain your passion and love to create something new and unique.  Lastly, don’t get too worried about technicalities of your instrument, painting skills, whatever, since technical ability is not the bottom line — the ability to connect to others is.”

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