Scientific research should place focus on global conservation

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer


Many people are passionate about the environment, but not nearly enough.

Money is spent on science that doesn’t even directly affect our planet, or us, in order to satisfy the curiosity of the unknown. More funds that do not directly benefit the Earth and all of its inhabitants should be used toward saving our planet.

One topic in particular is space exploration. Space is very interesting, and there is so much still to learn. But before we focus on exploring space farther, we need to take care of the planet we are currently occupying. Every day our planet is becoming increasingly unhealthy.

Our air is becoming almost toxic in some places, due to the emissions from factories and cars. Plants provide clean air for the planet, and we are destroying it. Slowly, we are switching to healthier means of transportation, but the majority of the population still uses diesel or gas for their vehicles. Funds used for the exploration of outer space could be used to make even more environment-friendly cars.

Another widespread problem is deforestation. We use wood for many different things. We make paper, build houses, and make fires out of it. With the high demand for wood and its slow growth rate, we are using it faster than it can grow. Therefore, we are cutting down more wildlife habitats for human convenience. This is taking a toll on many different species of wildlife. We are taking away their homes, and many are killed in the process.

Nonrenewable resources are also being consumed exponentially. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, approximately 90 percent of the world’s energy comes from nonrenewable resources. If we used more renewable energy, the environment would become cleaner and healthier for everyone and thing that resides in it. Wind and solar energy are an easy solution to many of our environmental problems. The money could be used to encourage people to use renewable resources. It would also allow for the building of more wind turbines to save the planet.

Space exploration is fascinating, and it would be absolutely amazing to have conclusions to our unanswered questions. But it will not matter if we continue to destroy Earth. The money spent on space exploration could be used to fund more renewable energy and find innovative ways to clean the environment we have so easily devastated.

The oceans are littered with trash, and it is killing many things living in those oceans. We have all seen or read about how plastic has an extreme affect on our oceans.

Offshore oilrigs are just as dangerous. When there is an oil spill in our oceans, it kills most of the aquatic life in the area.

More funding would result in more research on faster and safer ways to clean our oceans and destroy the waste we are so willing to produce.

Whenever a rocket launches, it releases many harmful emissions into the environment, causing even more damage.

It is time to pull together and make the necessary changes to our lifestyles in order to save our home and the habitats of our wildlife. Earth is beautiful, and it deserves to be kept clean for generations to come.

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