New Student Government officers elected for fall semester

by STACY JOHNSON//Editorial Assistant


The South Plains College Student Government Association recently welcomed four new officers who will officially begin their terms in fall of 2017.

The Student Government Association acts as an intermediary between students and the SPC administration. The SGA is also responsible for organizing student activities, events, and initiatives.

The SGA election was held on March 1. The incoming officers will learn from the current officers for the remainder of the semester before taking over in the fall.

The president-elect is Mikayla Holmes, a broadcast journalism major from Lubbock. During her term as the SGA president, the freshman says that she will strive to create a culture of diversity and looks forward to having a leadership role on campus.

Holmes says that at first, she was not intending to run for president. After encouragement from a peer, she decided to try it.

“It turns out, when I took that risk, I got the reward,” she says.

Last semester, Holmes held the office of public relations coordinator. She currently oversees the SGA recruitment committee. At the end of March, she will also be attending a Texas Junior College Student Government Association convention in Houston, where she will run for a state public relations position.

Rita Reyes will be taking the office of vice president, and will assist Holmes with her official duties. Reyes, a political science major from Lubbock, is an experienced SGA officer, having served as community outreach representative. She says she feels that the SGA helps students socially.

“The more you’re involved with the school, the more you’re involved with everything else, the more connections you make,” she says.

Ashlee Graves, a nursing major from Post, will take over the offices of both secretary and historian. Graves says the primary reasons she chose to run for office were to be more involved in school and to become more extroverted.

“It gets me more out there,” she says.

A newcomer to the SGA, Graves expressed excitement about beginning her new role.

“I’ve never experienced this before, so I’m ready to get started because it sounds like a lot of fun,” she adds.

Jessie Lozano will hold the position of commuter affairs representative.

Holmes encourages SPC students to join the SGA in their efforts to improve student life on campus. She adds that there are various committees that students can join to make a difference.

“There’s a committee made up of all types of people on campus,” says Holmes. “So we kind of get our voices heard.”

She also emphasizes how joining student organizations such as the SGA can help students make friends and meet new people.

“It’s so much fun,” Holmes says. “If you join it, you will have a blast. I’ve made a lot of really cool new friends through SGA, and I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities. If you join it, you won’t be sorry. You’ll have a great time.”

Any student who wants to get involved with the SGA can go to the Student Life Office, located within the Student Center, to speak with a Student Life representative.


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