‘Get Out’ delivers modern take on racism, horror

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer

get out

Many movies portray racism, but they don’t always portray it as it is in the real world.

In the new movie, “Get Out,” racism is shown in a more current setting. It focuses on white people targeting the black community.

The story is about a young couple, Chris and Rose, who have reached the parent-meeting stage in their relationship. They go on a trip to meet Rose’s parents, and it quickly turns into a nightmare for Chris. Chris’ instincts work in his favor throughout the movie.

Some of the real-life situations portrayed in the movie are when Chris fears his girlfriend’s parents will not like him simply because he is black. Another is how they only kidnap African Americans throughout the entire movie, as well as when a cop asks for his ID when Chris did nothing wrong.

“Get Out” is a psychological thriller. All good scary movies should come with a sudden twist or turn of events, and “Get Out” did not disappoint. The movie portrays many real-life situations specifically related to racism.

The movie is great overall, except the ending is a little too far-fetched for my taste. They turned a movie that is based on real-life situations into a science fiction film. In the movie trailer, it doesn’t seem as though the movie would have any science fiction elements, so it definitely took me by surprise.

I wouldn’t say the change was very drastic or affected my overall perception of the film, but it did not increase my enjoyment either. It does leave a couple of questions unanswered, though they were very minor details. It was nothing that was pertinent to the main plot.

As a lover of scary movies, I would say it is a great date movie. It is interesting, and the few parts that might have you jumping in your seat are the perfect excuse to cuddle up to your significant other. It also has a nice blend of comedic relief without making the movie cheesy. For those who like comedic thrillers, this is the film for you.

The movie’s cast was chosen well. The cast includes Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, and Catherine Keener. None of these actors or actresses seemed to be extremely well known. It is kind of a relief to see some unfamiliar faces. It allows you to picture the actor or actress in their new role, instead of them possibly reminding you of another movie that they were previously in.

These fresh-faced movie stars really made the film enjoyable, bringing it to life. Each one fit their role well.

The director, Jordan Peele, does a great job of portraying a deeper message of racism. Once skin color starts defining how people are perceived, we have already lost our humanity.

The movie is great, except for aspects that didn’t match my particular movie tastes. If some plot details would have been changed, I would have liked the movie a lot more.  I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

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