Hobbs, Thompson shimmy to victory at Dancing With the Texans

by BRANDI ORTIZ//News Editor


Costumes, music, and a shiny disco ball.

Season Five of “Dancing with the Texans” was held in the Sundown Room at the Student Center on April 13 at South Plains College. Members of the SPC Ballroom Dance Team and selected faculty put on a performance and competed to win the disco ball trophy.

This season’s theme was “TV Night.” With their jazzy take on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Justin Hobbs, assistant track and field coach at SPC, and sophomore Rebekah Thompson took home the prize.

“We work hard, and we just try to make it as fun and enjoyable as we could,” said Hobbs. “With so many good dancers out there, we just go out, do our thing, have fun and hope everything works out.”

There were seven teams competing in “Dancing with the Texans,” each consisting of one dance team member and a staff contestant. The night opened with a group dance to the theme song from “Saved by the Bell.”

The first pair to perform was Laci Singer, assistant professor of chemistry, and Ashton Steffey. They danced to the “Glee” cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” The second pair was Miranda English, academic advisor, and Lawrence Hernandez, who danced to “The X-Files” theme song. The third pair consisted of Katheryn Townsend, associate professor of chemistry, and Joseph Hinojosa. They danced to the theme song of “Inspector Gadget.”

The fourth pair included John Barnes, instructor of law enforcement technology, and Mirna Gonzalez, who danced to the “Game of Thrones” theme. They were followed by Dustin Wimmer, recreational activities coordinator, and Adeva Jennings, who danced to two variations of the “Spiderman” theme song. The sixth pair consisted of Hobbs and Thompson, performing their rendition of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The final pair was Dennis Churchwell, director of purchasing, and Katelyn Albrecht with their take on “American Bandstand.”

In between acts, there were special performances from members of the SPC Ballroom Dance Team, along with intermissions when the audience was invited to show off their moves.

Throughout the night, it was evident that each participant put forth a lot of time and energy into their performances.

“They all did outstanding,” said Vanessa Moffett, instructor and choreographer for the SPC Ballroom Dance Team. “They all put in a whole lot of work, and it turned out really well.”

Dance team members who participated were encouraged to go back to where they started and learn the opposite roles of what they are used to.

“It was a challenge for some of them, because they have never done the opposite part,” said Moffett. “By coming to my basic class and learning the opposite role, [students] were able to teach [the role] easier and learn how to teach it.”

Near the end of the night, Moffett performed to the theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie” with judge Joshua Flores.

“I’ve always wanted to do a dance to “I Dream of Jeannie” because I love the show and I love the music,” said Moffett. “When the students voted for the theme to be “TV Night” [it was perfect].”

Moffett said she hopes that contestants who participated will continue to participate in dance or another form of exercise.

“[We] encourage people to dance and get out on the floor and try something new outside of their comfort zone,” Moffett said. “Hopefully, they will find an exercise they like or an activity that they like, that doesn’t really feel like exercise.”


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