Dewbre serving as vice president of NCMPR

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer


There is no better job than doing what you love.

Dane Dewbre is currently the vice-president and president elect for the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR).

He is also the Associate Dean of Marketing and Recruitment at South Plains College.

NCMPR is made up of marketing and public relations professionals who are particularly involved in community and technical colleges.

“I’m a big supporter of community colleges,” said Dewbre. “That’s what makes what I do fun.”

One of the reasons Dewbre loves community colleges is because of their diversity. At most universities, there is typically only the stereotypical college student. But at a community college, there is a wider range, such as parents, single parents, grandparents, and many others. Each one has a different path and background. There is a wide variety of students and community colleges. Universities offer great benefits as well, but Dewbre found his passion at SPC.

Dewbre says that what he does is more than a job to him. It is what he loves to do, and it shows in his work. He helps those who are also trying to do what they love. If you love what you do, then you will never have to work a day in your life, because it won’t feel like work, according to Dewbre.

Dewbre received his associate’s degree at SPC in telecommunications, before going on to attend Texas Tech University. After graduating from Texas Tech, Dewbre got a job at Clovis Community College in New Mexico at the age of 21. He was in the marketing department there for four years. While there, he was introduced to NCMPR.

He started as a District 4 director for NCMPR, and then later became an executive board member.

Since he is now vice president and president elect, he is preparing for next year when he will become president. He recently attended the American Association of Community Colleges conference to talk about Word of Mouth marketing. He has been involved with NCMPR for almost 20 years.

Dewbre explains how the field of marketing and public relations has been altered.

“Digital media has been one of the biggest changes in the past few years,” he said.

Dewbre has worked hard through the years to do what he loves. He has a very obvious passion for community colleges and says he is privileged enough to work for one and with others.

“Sometimes it gets so busy it gets a little difficult,” adds Dewbre.

Hard work is always a must for anyone to reach his or her goals. Some advice Dewbre offers is, “Believe in what your’re doing… make sure you know what their mission is and what they’re about, and bring that connection to your job.”

Dewbre’s son, Sam Dewbre, is already following the great steps that his father has left for him. He is graduating from SPC in May as well.

Dewbre will soon become the president of NCMPR and has big shoes to fill. But his experience has prepared him for this great opportunity.


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