Interest in medical field sparks career for alum

by SHELBY MORGAN//Staff Writer


Following her heart and her interest in the human anatomy led D’lena Ipson to her career as a radiology tech.

An Andrews native, Ipson is a 2014 graduate of the South Plains College Radiologic Technology program. She currently works at University Medical Center in Lubbock as a Radiologic Technologist.

Every day, she works alongside physicians to help pinpoint and diagnose patients by producing 2-D and 3-D images of tissue, organs, bones, and vessels of the body using some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the medical field.

“I enjoy working with patients and being a part of helping them feel better,” Ipson said. “Sometimes we’re the first line of defense in helping doctors diagnose patients when they come into the ER, by getting a better look inside of their body.”

She always knew that she wanted to be a part of the medical field to help people. So the decision to go into the radiology program came easy to her. She has always had a fascination with being able to see what’s going on with the internal organs and bones.

I like the reward of getting to help people,” said Ipson. “I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field. But I knew I didn’t want to be a nurse.

When Ipson isn’t working, she enjoys hanging out with her coworkers, friends, and boyfriend. She also really enjoys traveling, having just recently returned from a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, a trip she took with her brother and sister-in-law. She often has dinner with friends and cook-outs at home, as well as weekly Bible studies with her roommate and Bible study group.

“My co-workers are like my extended family,” Ipson said. “Most of us completed the program together and became very good friends. I also worked at the Bookstore at Reese while I attended SPC, and I met my best friend there.”

She thrived at South Plains College because she is from a small town, and the smaller campus and class sizes were familiar to her. Because the classes were smaller, she was able to get to know her instructors one-on-one, which made it easier to communicate with them.

I like the small feel of SPC,”  explained Ipson. “It was nice how people are there to help you if needed anything, or had any questions.”

She encourages anyone considering entering the Radiologic Technology program to go for it. There will always be a need for the health care field, and there are job opportunities across the country for radiological technologists. Radiology techs can find employment in a variety of institutions, such as hospitals, dedicated imaging centers, or a clinic or private doctor’s office, depending on one’s education, abilities, and interests

“My only advice is to stay ahead, and pay attention,” Ipson said. “You can never be too prepared for the kinds of cases you will get, because each one is different.”

In the future, she hopes to continue working in the radiology department and hopes to have the opportunity to travel more.


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