Mermaid makes splash at Lubbock Arts Festival

by DESIREE MENDEZ//Staff Writer


[EDITOR’S NOTE: This story contains some “nontraditional” answers.]

A long time ago, in the mystical blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a mermaid was born of the moon and sea.

Moon Mermaid (her legal name) first surfaced in 2003, when she began her adventures. Moon began to perform and entertain as one of the world’s first solo performing mermaids. She was the first mermaid spotted in Arizona, where she is from because she loved the warm swimming weather that is year-round.

When Moon first started, she started entertaining for children’s parties and events. It was tricky for Moon when she first started, because no one had heard about hiring a mermaid. They were only seen in aquariums.

Once Moon started performing for larger events and worked hard at promoting herself, her business began to grow.  Moon now has a whole crew of pirates and mermaids. She also has a 28-foot mermaid lagoon, a 40-foot traveling tank.

“I look back and can’t believe how far and how much I’ve grown,” said Moon. “I never would have thought I’d be a full-time mermaid or a children’s book author. You really can be anything you want when you grow up.”

During full moons, Moon is known for braiding wishes into her long blue hair. When Moon is not entertaining or braiding wishes, she loves to search for treasures and enjoys creating beautiful, magical items to wear.

Moon provides a wide range of entertainment, from reading with kids to swimming in a 40-foot tank. Moon has lots of magical friends, including mermaids and pirates. One special pirate is Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, Janty Chattaw.

Moon loves to be able to share her magic with kids and adults

“Everyone is so excited to see us, and bring magic into their lives because they don’t see a mermaid every day,” said Moon. “They are just as excited to see me as I am to see them.”

Moon did mention that she doesn’t like all the pollution in the water, especially plastic because the poor sea turtles get caught in them or end up eating them, which makes them very sick.

“I did find out that Austin no longer uses plastic bags, yay go Austin,” said Moon.

Moon is currently engaged to Captain Sparrow.

Captain Sparrow says he was fascinated with pirates when he was really young. He started 10 years ago, when people would tell him that he looked like Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp. While performing as Captain Jack at a resort, he met Moon, and they fell in love.

“Captain Sparrow and Moon met roughly around 300 years ago when he was a young pirate, the first time,” Captain Sparrow said jokingly.

They reconnected at a resort in Arizona where he was teaching kids to be pirates and she was teaching kids to be mermaids.

“Our goal one day is to be married,” said Captain Sparrow. “My first and only love used to be the sea. But now my first and only love lives in the sea.”

Moon has a children’s book out called, “Moon Mermaid and the Treasure of Friendship.” She reads it to the kids who come to see her, and she gives them treasure and loves talking with her little friends. She is currently working on her second book called, “Moon and the Pirates.”

Moon says that keeps up her mermaid figure by swimming a lot.  Her bottom half weighs 65 pounds, and teaching kids how to be mermaids isn’t easy, she says.

Moon and Captain Sparrow live apart currently. She is from Arizona, and he is based in Southern California. But they do work a lot together, and Captain Sparrow will be moving to Arizona.

Moon doesn’t use any breathing apparatuses in the tank. Captain Sparrow is trained in CPR and was a lifeguard. Her pirates are trained and certified as well. Some of Moon’s pirates are her mermaid handlers.

Moon Mermaid and her enchanting friends have been hired for events such as children’s parties, celebrity parties, music festivals, corporate events, meet and greets, photo opportunities, company parties, conventions, grand openings, hotel entertainment, bookstore readings, hospital visits, zoo and aquarium visits, festivals, fairs and weddings.
Moon also sells pictures, mermaid jewlery and mermaid tails for adults and kids.

Moon Mermaid and Captain Sparrow were recently in Lubbock to appear at the Lubbock Arts Festival, which was held on April 21- April 23 at the Lubbock Civic Center.

You can contact her on Facebook at TheMoonMermaid,,

or check out her store at

Captain Jack’s website is


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