Student joins campus police force

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer


A South Plains College student will be turning in her textbooks for a uniform as she becomes the newest member of the Campus Police Department.

Ada Hinojos is now a very familiar face as she joins the Campus Police Department.

Hinojos graduated from the South Plains College Police Academy in August of 2016. For her, the SPC Police Academy was both challenging and fun.

“South Plains has amazing professors,” Hinojos said. “They helped us through everything. They helped us even after we graduated. They helped us find a job. They made sure we were set.”

Hinojos has now transitioned from being a student at SPC to becoming an employee and officer.

“It is different,” she explained. “Just because I see the students and they knew me as a student, and now I am an employee.”

One thing that Hinojos has learned so far since being a part of the police department is the different personalities around her.

“I am learning to speak to different types of personalities,” she said.

She has learned a lot about SPC’s dynamic and unique aspects of the college.

“The school is more family oriented I have noticed,” said Hinojos. “We all try to help each other out. You don’t just leave someone behind and just let them figure it out on their own.”

As time goes on, Hinojos wants to learn and familiarize herself with the students on campus.

“I just want to know the students more,” Hinojos said. “That is my goal.”

She says that she wants the students to be familiar with her, and for her to be familiar with them. She hopes that she can be someone who students feel comfortable coming to.

“For sure, I want to make them feel safe,” Hinojos said. “I don’t want them to feel afraid to come to me.”

Hinojos said that she wants to ensure that students understand they can come to her for anything. They should also feel comfortable around her.

“They can call me or come to the office,” said Hinojos. “I am not here to scare them. I am here to help them out. Even if it is just advice in here. I want them to know that.”

Since the department is small, Hinojos is able to work hands-on with the chief, Nick Castillo. She is also able to gain experience.

“Here, I get to do a little bit of everything,” Hinojos said, “versus a big department, where you are just in patrol or just one thing.”

Being able to get hands-on experience with everything is what drew her to SPC, and one of the main things she enjoys about her position.

“I am a very active person,” said Hinojos, “and I like to dip my hands into everything I can.”

Being the only female in the SPC police department, Hinojos is excited to be available for female students.

“There are some things a female doesn’t want to tell a male,” explained Hinojos. “I hope that it will help the female students be able come to me and tell me what is wrong.”

As for her personal life, Hinojos, 24, attended high school in Plainview. She also is celebrating her one-year anniversary with her husband.

“We don’t have any kids right now, but we want to have a family later on,” she explained. “We just wanted to get our careers started.”

Hinojos still attends classes at SPC. She is taking Law Enforcements classes, with the goal of completing her degree next semester.


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