Suicide mystery handled with care in ’13 Reasons Why’

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer

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A new Netflix series turns a tragic tale into a hard-hitting show full of heartbreak, devastation, and guilt.

“13 Reasons Why” covers the story of high school teen Hannah Baker, who comitted suicide. You follow Clay as he receives and listens to 13 tapes that Hannah recorded before killing herself. These tapes are delivered to every person who was involved in Hannah’s death.

On them she describes what each person did to be on the tapes. Most of the people who have listened to the tapes are not even aware of what they did until Hannah tells them.

You see Hannah experience high school through flashbacks to tell her story. She experiences many typical high school drama scenarios. However, as the series continues, situations build and escalate. Hannah goes from dealing with small problems that every person typically experiences to traumatizing situations that completely unravel her life.

This show doesn’t try to sugar coat these issues presented. Even now, suicide is still a delicate situation to talk about, especially for media purposes. However, this series completely changes the game. The content seems to get heavier and heavier with each episode.

Possibly the most forceful part of the series is Hannah’s suicide scene. The episode actually shows Hannah in her bath tub slitting her wrists with a razor. This was a defining moment for the show. It makes the story real and painful. This is something most producers would be hesitant to show, because it is a hard concept to grasp.

But “13 Reasons Why” is focused on pushing boundaries. It’s going to make you uncomfortable, hurt, angry, and confused. Most of all, it is going to make viewers understand that suicide can’t just be ignored. It is a real issue that needs real support.

Since its release, “13 Reasons Why” has exploded on social media. Everyone is talking about this show on Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to see why, as no show has done what “13 Reason Why” has. Not many shows discuss issues such as suicide and rape. From start to finish, every episode is forceful.

There is a problem with all the attention this show has received through social media. The message portrayed in “13 Reasons Why” is worth so much more than just a tweet or Facebook post.  Even though the show may be fiction, it showcases real-life occurrences. The issue of suicide deserves to be acknowledged and spread farther than a social media page.

After watching “13 Reasons Why,” take emotions that you felt and let them empower you to make a difference. That is the real message behind this show. The show is not meant for entertainment. Each episode is going to make you uncomfortable, make you cry, and make you think. While watching, realize that you could be someone’s Clay or Jessica. You have the potential to save a life that you didn’t even know was in jeopardy.

Show that you care about someone who needs it. It could possibly save a life, just as it could have saved Hannah’s life. For many people, this is their real story, whether they are suicidal, have been raped, or don’t see their potential. Let “13 Reasons Why” spark the change for hope, support, and awareness.

If you are looking for a binge worthy show to watch during your free time, this show may not be for you. However, If you want to educate yourself about a tragic issue within our world, please watch this show.

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