Different opinions should not lead to criticism

by NICOLE LOPEZ//Sports Editor

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The world is filled with people from different backgrounds.

We all have our own opinions and beliefs. But, since when is it OK to criticize people for thinking differently?

I saw a post on Facebook a few days ago. One of my friends posted on their status saying that if anyone didn’t agree with him about a certain topic, then unfriend him and not be friends with him anymore. I mean, it’s not a big deal; it’s Facebook. But, it’s the principle of the matter.

Why go to great lengths just because someone doesn’t agree with you? We’re human! We’re different! We all have different opinions on topics. It’s going to happen. The world isn’t in black or white.

This is something I have to get off my chest. I hate when people say they can’t be friends with someone if they don’t have the same beliefs or opinions as they do. It’s idiotic.

There was a point in time when people had rational discussions about religion or politics and, that was it. It was discussions. It wasn’t cussing each other out on Facebook, or bashing people on Twitter, or making snarky comments and telling people they’re idiots. Why does it have to go that far? Why can’t it go back to when people respected a person’s opinion and moved on?

I’m a religious person. Most of my friends are non-religious, or they do not share the same religious beliefs as I do. Does that matter to me? Absolutely not. Do I make Facebook statuses about it? Nope. I have different political views than my friends and peers. Do I make a status on Facebook or Twitter saying “delete me because your opinion is not like mine, so it’s irrelevant.” Can anyone see how childish that is, or is it just me? If the person is a jerk about their beliefs and tries to force other people to agree with them, then I can see why that’s acceptable. But, you don’t have to announce it on Facebook. Be a man (or woman) and delete them yourself.

I don’t see the need to not be friends with someone because they don’t believe, or share, the same beliefs as I do. That’s like saying I’m not going to be friends with anyone because their favorite color is red and mine is blue. It doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of someone actually being upset with someone because they don’t have the same opinion on something. It’s like you’re throwing a temper tantrum.

If the topic upsets you so much just don’t talk about it. It’s that simple. I hardly talk about religion or politics. Why? Because it always leads to someone getting upset, and then the discussion turns into an argument. If it’s something I feel strongly about, that’s when I will share my thoughts and opinions rationally. I would expect other people to do the same. But, of course, we can’t always have it our way.

In the end, this is America. You can do whatever you want, within reason, of course. You can unfriend someone if they don’t share your same opinions. Just like how I can express my thoughts in this article.

Believe in what you want, who you want, and when you want. Don’t let anyone influence you differently and definitely, don’t let anyone tell you your opinions are wrong. If you have to change for people to be friends with you, then they’re the problem. Never change for anyone.

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