Students speeding to class can cause traffic fatalities

by DEZ MENDEZ//Feature Editor

As the journey into a new semester of college begins, remember some common sense when it comes to driving.

On Aug. 28, as I was driving to my first class, I stopped at a red light on 13th Street and College Avenue in Levelland, and waited for my turn. When the light changed, I waited for a few seconds before I took off.  As I was heading toward the college on my now green light, I had to speed up as someone who ran the red light was speeding. He or she would have wrecked into me if I hadn’t.

When I made it to class, I began thinking about what had almost happened. It could have been a horrible wreck, as it would have hit on my side. College kids are always in a hurry to get to class because they are running late and not paying attention to how they drive.

I have noticed that almost all the wrecks that seem to happen in Levelland once class is in session are due to speeding college kids trying to get to their class.

You always see Highway Patrolmen along side the road where they have pulled students over for speeding. Speeding tickets are not cheap guys! You can eventually lose your license.

It seems that most students are speeding due to being late, because they either over slept, or didn’t want to wake up a little earlier. Sleeping an extra 10 minutes is not worth putting your life, or someone else’s life, in danger, because you are trying not to be late for class.

Whatever the case maybe, nothing is worth the alternative of what could happen.

This irritates me a lot due to the fact that younger kids do walk to school along the route that many college students take. If you are not paying attention, you could hit or run over one of those kids. It is not worth killing someone because you wanted to party the night before, or you just wanted to sleep an extra few minutes.

Cars can be dangerous objects, especially if you are speeding and not paying attention.

Nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes each year.  Of the 3,287 deaths occurring each day as a result of motor vehicle accidents, more than half involve adults between the ages of 15 to 44 years old, according to one road safety organization.

Do you ever catch yourself speeding, almost running a red light or running the light all together?  Do you ever wonder what might happen if you did hit someone or wreck?

Trust me, it is not worth wrecking or hurting someone. You have a life to live, and so do others. Use caution and better judgment when driving.  Wake up early, I know it is not fun, and sleeping in is nice. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As the new semester progresses, take the time to stop, think, go to bed earlier or wake up a little earlier to drive smarter and safer. Driving is a privilege that can be easily taken away.

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