Lubbock Downtown Farmer’s Market offers variety of merchandise

by ADÁN RUBIO//Staff Writer


Fresh produce, savory meats, and handmade crafts are a few of the goods sold at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market.

Now active for its fourth year, the LDFM brings in many local farmers and small businesses to sell their produce and wares for the Lubbock community. The market will be held at 19th Street and Buddy Holly Avenue every Saturday until Oct. 28, from 9 a.m. to whenever the vendors have sold out of their products.

If the LDFM is not a viable choice, there is also the West End Farmers Market at West Loop 289 and 34th Street. It is open every Saturday this summer from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Even the community of Levelland can access fresh produce from the new Farm Fresh Levelland Market on Houston Street and Avenue G, which is open from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday until Sept. 24. The opportunities are endless when it comes to events like these.

This annual Lubbock event is known for its quality produce, meats, and dairy products. Additionally, the market has been known to showcase many homemade wares such as art, crafts, jewelry, and flower arrangements. But there are many other perks that people can gain from the market.

One thing that many people consider when purchasing an item is the vendor. The vendors of the LDFM work hard to prepare their products for the public.

The compassion the vendors show their customers and products can easily be seen through the amount of preparation and dedication the vendors undertake throughout the market. Ann Warren, owner of Holy Cow Beef, says getting to the site early is part of the preparation to consider when selling at the Farmers Market.

“We sell hot products that we have to get in the ovens at 5 a.m.,” said Warren, “and we get down here around 8, and it takes us 35 to 40 minutes to set up.”

Warren said she feels that a vendor should work not only to sell exceptional products but also to give the customer a sense of security.

“I didn’t want to make a single purchase unless I had a relationship,” said Warren, “I need a relationship with someone telling me about their product and where to get it.”

These vendors strive to create an experience for the community that people cannot get in a typical grocery store. Whether it is the type of products or the festive atmosphere, people are drawn to this event for many reasons.

“The culture, the friendly faces, the local produce, the good quality products everyone is selling,” are all reasons that Angelique Reimer, a vendor for Reimer Farms, believes that people are attracted to the market.

Through her experience as a vendor, Reimer said she believes that one should relate to the community before they start selling. Reimer feels that the Farmers Market is beneficial for the residents of Lubbock, as there are a variety of healthy options to choose, and people get the opportunity to feel open with one another.

“It gets them connected with their community,” Reimer explains, “and nutritionally, it’s better to buy local.”

Through the LDFM, vendors can make ideal social interactions a priority and can create lively relationships with their customers. These connections that surround the livelihood of the market grants the vendors much support but also gives the buyer something to look forward to as they purchase produce and other items.

Miles Condon, a regular visitor of the market, regards the accessibility of the local farmers and their input on the produce that is sold.

“Being able to get the local food, talk to the actual growers,” are factors that Condon stated to be reasons why he has revisited the market. The access to the farmers of the products has even impacted Condon’s thought process toward the source of his food.

“I’m definitely more cognizant of it being local and thinking about where the food actually comes from,” said Condon.

The LDFM makes it possible for people who want fresh food and handmade crafts to obtain what they desire while also creating a deep relationship with the vendors of the market. The appeal of genuine products and their unambiguous sources are traits that many people of the Lubbock community look for in their selection of groceries.

The market attracts many visitors, young and old, to take part in the festivities. Kathryn Parsley, a local college student and frequent market visitor, said she believes the LDFM offers many advantages to people of all ages.

“It introduces college students to the idea of taking better care of their health,” said Parsley. “The older crowd can reconnect with their past.”

This niche of the Lubbock community is for anyone interested in buying local and willing to experience new and fresh options while creating relationships with idealistic people.

The Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market is an event that offers so much more than fresh produce. The market holds many opportunities for everyone despite age or interests in agriculture. This community-driven market serves not only as a source of quality products but as a source of unity within the Lubbock community.   

“The LDFM is one of the few events that is the great equalizer,” said Parsley. “Everybody has got to eat.”


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