Classic movies ruined by remakes

by DEZ MENDEZ//Editorial Assistant

flatliners dez

Recently, I watched the new “IT” movie. Most of my friends know I hate clowns, but I suffered through to watch the movie.

Also, I’ve never seen the old movie or read the book yet.

As I waited for the movie to begin, I noticed a few of the previews were remakes of older classic movies, such as “Flatliners” and “Bladerunner.”  I don’t understand why movie producers feel the need to mess with classic movies. They should just leave them alone!

For instance, “Flatliners,” a movie first released in 1990, I remember seeing when I was around 10 years old. I didn’t understand much. I have watched the movie again since then, and it’s a good movie.

“Flatliners” is about a group of friends, including two who are medical students, who want to experience what awaits after death. To do this, they “flatline” themselves to experience death briefly. When they do this, they end up bringing back haunting memories that they must confront to stop from happening. “Flatliners” had some of Hollywood’s top actors in the cast, including, Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon.

When I saw the new preview for the remake of this movie, I was confused. This new movie is almost like the previous one, except they are all medical students. They have paranormal consequences. I’m not sure what that means. I do plan on going to see this movie, so I can see what has changed.

In all honesty, it’s not just this movie that makes me upset about a remake. It is a bunch of others, including “Jem and the Holograms.” I grew up with this cartoon, and the movie has nothing to do with it. None of the original songs are in this movie. I feel if you are going to remake something, at least keep the plot.

While watching “It,” I feel like it was more comical than scary. I know that some comic relief is good after an intense scene, but Pennywise popped out maybe once, and even then it didn’t scare me. My favorite part of scary movies is being startled, which this movie didn’t do for me.

I feel that if the movie producers are running out of ideas, they should try to find a different source to make movies. There are several books out that they could use to make into movies, or even comics. I’ve noticed that when they do remake classic movies that they are trying to give it a more modern feel, which ends up ruining it.

New generations keep remaking classics, and I feel this ruins them. Call me old fashion, but I would much rather watch the original over the remake. There is something about the original that makes it much better. Whether it is scary or not, I feel like it has more feeling to the movie than when they remake it with modern technology.

Maybe it’s just me and my older generation, but I enjoy the classics more than I do the newer movies.

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