Word on the Street: How do you feel about the tension with North Korea?


Andrea MaresFreshman, Commercial Music, Levelland

“I definitely don’t like it whatsoever, knowing that they still have those missiles in there, and they don’t want to defuse them. And there was an article I read that he might end up sending them to us, even if we didn’t do anything, because he apparently doesn’t like Trump. It’s kind of scary because you never know when he’s going to send them.”



Dave Underwood – Junior, Accounting, Lubbock

“It’s really interesting. It makes you stay vigilant of the news that we see. The tension is clearly overflowing, and you see it every day. There’s examples of it showing up in the news. It’s pretty clear everyone is panicking about it. I feel like we always have that sense of fear here, so it plays on all of those emotions. I’m mainly scared I guess.”



Justin KingSophomore, Sound Technology, Fort Worth

“It’s been going on long enough that someone needs to step in and do something about it. But the consequences of it are kind of dire. I don’t really know what they should do, but something should be done.”



Brenna KiopatrichJunior, Public Relations and Marketing, Corona, Calif.

“I feel like it’s getting down to the wire, and I feel like people should be more responsible about it. They should also take a stance. It’s time for everyone to stop making a joke about it, take it seriously, realize that a lot of people are in danger, and that’s not something to joke about.”


Compiled by Randi Jines and Rebecca Ruiz

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