Future of college basketball in need of reform

Mike Krzyzewski says he believes the model of college basketball needs to be changed.

After the FBI released its findings in an investigation citing coaches, agents and high-level employees of Adidas for corruption and bribery, the overall image of college basketball has been tarnished.

Krzyzewski, the head men’s basketball coach at Duke University, explained that not all of college basketball is bad, and not every coach and player is going askew.

I agree with him because times change and recruiting methods differ from years past. Athletes are being sought after as young as middle schoolers and those beginning careers as a high school athlete.

I don’t believe it is a negative situation for players to be recruited early. But there are certain guidelines that should be established and new rules that should be implemented to adapt to the new recruiting styles coaches, shoe companies and schools are using.

Following the investigation, it was reported that some recruits were given more than a $100,000 for their commitment, along with additional benefits and money from Adidas and agents.

Coach Krzyzewski’s comments posed the thought of possibly focusing more on the players and families. He also favored the idea that shoe companies can provide opportunities for players and families.

Athletes follow top programs that can offer them the most opportunities to provide for their families. Many student athletes come from poor backgrounds and struggling families. While recruits taking money to make a decision is wrong, these kids see the opportunity to help their families.

The idea of helping my family who is struggling to make ends meet is more than enough incentive to make a decision of that nature to help my loved ones.

Along with taking money for a number of reasons, these student athletes do not receive a lot in return when they attend class and play throughout seasons.

With the perception of how bad college basketball has become, I believe that with refining the image, allowing players to have more opportunities to receive additional money and help from shoe brands could display the NCAA’s willingness to work with student athletes and their families.

If advances are made to create this type of system that favors student athletes in college basketball, then other collegiate athletes in different sports are going to feel that the same should be done for them.

This might become a big disadvantage for creating this type of system. However, the NCAA should promote an image of wanting the student athlete to thrive and build success out of similar opportunities.

I feel that doing this for all sports will be a big payoff for the NCAA as a whole, not only creating a positive image for college basketball but uplifting the image of all sports in college.

Another advantage of college basketball being revamped in this way is that there will be a decrease in these behind-the-scenes scandals that involve corruption and bribery. Giving more help to players and their families will allow them to succeed and not worry about having to break rules and possibly put their futures and possible livelihoods at risk.

Coach Krzyzewski’s idea of improving the system of college basketball should include the well-being of players and their families.

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