Flash drives can prevent problems for college students

Laptops, Wi-Fi access, and smart phones are just a few of the technological necessities that most college students believe are important in order to easily keep up with their classes.

But one technology item that some college students do not have and tend to disregard is their own flash drive.adan opinion

USB flash drives have one main purpose: to store valuable information and projects. It is surprising that some college students do not have their own flash drive where they can store their most important assignments. If one is going to spend money on an expensive laptop that he or she is going to use in most of their classes, then get a flash drive that will act as a saving grace in case anything goes wrong.

It is true that flash drives will not solve all the problems with using a laptop. But a flash drive can benefit college students by limiting some of the flaws.

When a student saves important documents or other files on a flash drive, they have a backup that will give them peace of mind that their assignment will not be tampered with due to flaws that come from older laptops.

Technical difficulties will eventually occur when using a laptop throughout college. A flash drive can give students a place to put their current assignments if a technical difficulty leads to deleting or damaging a file.

The advantages that students receive from owning a flash drive can help them keep their current work safe and can also keep certain files for later use.

If someone needs to keep an assignment after completion for future reference, or if the printed document gets lost, a flash drive can resolve these issues by providing another copy. There is no point in wasting the storage space on a laptop with finished assignments and projects when they can be stored on a different storage device.

The benefits of owning a flash drive for daily school work are difficult to disregard. The reason some college students do not have their own USB is because of the prices of certain high-quality flash drives.

My refutation toward that argument is that not all USB drives are expensive. It is true that students will need certain hard drives to save video or bigger projects. But most of the time, students are just working on a daily assignment that rarely exceeds one megabyte. So a cheap four-gigabyte flash drive is all a student needs to keep small college assignments.

A flash drive is a college necessity that is easily accessible for college students. USB drives are small enough to hold on a keychain or to put in the pocket of a backpack. The costs of owning one are minimal, and they are beneficial for the unexpected difficulties that occur from laptops and school computers.

A flash drive is one piece of technology that people need to obtain before they attend college. Being able to hold assignments in a safe place other than a laptop’s files is something that will relieve stress that comes from the unfortunate defects of technology.

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