Media, fans should have faith in new Green Bay quarterback

In the world of sports, anything can happen.

The unimaginable happened recently as I witnessed Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for Green Bay, suffer a broken collarbone when playing against the Minnesota Vikings. I was crushed, and I’m sure all my fellow cheese heads felt the same way.

It turns out Rodgers will possibly be out for the rest of the season. I remember what happened last time Rodgers sustained a broken collarbone during the 2013 season. The rest of the season didn’t look too good for the Packers because their backup quarterbacks at the time weren’t very good. But, I feel like this time around things are going to change.

Brett Hundley, backup quarterback for Green Bay, played the rest of the game on Oct. 15. Even though Green Bay lost, I expected worse. The media, such as ESPN and the NFL Network, are suggesting that Green Bay needs to find another quarterback besides Hundley to fill in for Rodgers. Many people have even suggested signing Tony Romo or Colin Kaepernick!

First of all, I would rather lose every game than to see Romo and, especially Kaepernick, in a Green Bay jersey. There is no way I would want that to happen.

Hundley hasn’t even played a full NFL game yet. He came off the bench whenever he filled in for Rodgers. He wasn’t expecting to be playing right at that moment, which is why people need to cut him some slack.Sports OP NL

It makes me upset that people are jumping the gun and already expecting him to not be good. He’s no Rodgers. There is only one Rodgers, but he can still be decent. Like I’ve stated before, he has yet to play with some practice under his belt. He threw three interceptions during the game against the Vikings. He’s not going to be perfect. I’m sure he was nervous and did the best he could, considering the situation. Everyone is expecting him to play like Rodgers or be an amazing quarterback. He just came off the bench! What more to do you want from him?

The last time Rodgers broke his collarbone, Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn were the backups for Rodgers, and things weren’t great. Wallace suffered a groin injury. Tolzien wasn’t good at all, so they turned to Flynn, who wasn’t that bad. I can already tell that Hundley is better than Wallace and Tolzien at least. I don’t know about Flynn, but Hundley doesn’t seem that bad. He just needs some practice.

Mike McCarthy, head coach for Green Bay, stated in a press conference on Oct. 16 that Hundley is the best man for the job. One reporter asked McCarthy if he would consider having Kaepernick as a backup quarterback, and McCarthy wasn’t happy with the question.

McCarthy said, “Did you not just listen to the question I just answered? I’ve got three years invested in Brett Hundley, two years invested in Joe Callahan. The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. OK?”

I don’t blame McCarthy for the way he answered the reporter. He already told them in the press conference that Hundley was the guy for the job, and the reporter still had the nerve to ask him if he would consider Kaepernick for the position. McCarthy is the head coach, and if he says Hundley is our best bet, then I can’t disagree.

I think Hundley will be good in time. It’s all about him practicing and the experience he is receiving. If he doesn’t get any better, then McCarthy and the rest of the Packers staff will handle it. The media needs to stop suggesting quarterbacks and let the staff handle the situation. I know for sure the Packers won’t be signing Kaepernick anytime soon, and I hope it stays like that.

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