Tattoos should not jeopardize job opportunities

Recently, I got my fourth tattoo. When I walked in my house to show my mom, she was angry because it was in a visible place.

She told me that even in my chosen field of work, I wouldn’t be able to get a job. It’s not that my mom has a problem with tattoos. She just doesn’t think that people are able to get professional jobs if their tattoos are visible.

I don’t agree with that. A lot of older generations are not very accepting of tattoos. You will always hear your mother or grandparents talk about how you will not get a job if you get a tattoo.

But why is that the common point of view? How does someone having a tattoo affect how they do a job? That’s the thing; tattoos have nothing to do with a person’s ability to work at any certain job.

George Orwell, Thomas Edison, and Franklin D. Roosevelt all had tattoos, yet they are still respected people.

Plenty of people with professional jobs have tattoos. The United States government has the most laid back rules on tattoos in the workplace. Yet we still associate tattoos with not being fit for the workplace.autumn opinion 2

In addition to successful people with tattoos, there are also major companies that directly attribute their success to their acceptance of tattoos. Companies such as Apple, Bank of America, and Amazon, among others, all have CEO’s, CFO’s, directors, and upper management with visible tattoos and piercings.

A study done by Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work, an organization that raises awareness about discrimination of piercings and tattoos in the workplace, found that 76 percent of employees feel tattoos hurt your job interview chances.

On the other hand, 73 percent of people say they would hire staff that had visible tattoos.

Also, according to polls, the majority of Americans don’t find tattoos unprofessional. However, a large portion of shoppers would change product shopping habits if they felt a business discriminated against staff with tattoos.

One of the biggest ways tattoos affect business is recruitment. A lot of people with tattoos turn down jobs if the tattoo and piercing regulations are too strict. Businesses hurt their chances of finding qualified, experienced and skilled employees when they restrict their hiring pool with strict tattoo regulations. Disney recently changed their recruitment policies and dress code because they, “couldn’t find enough qualified staff without tattoos or piercings.”autumn opinion 1

A lot of businesses have become more accepting of tattoos. This could be because younger generations who are inclined to be more accepting are in higher positions in businesses now. Or it could be that businesses and the generations who have previously looked down on workers with tattoos, have realized that they don’t affect the quality of work.

I am more inclined to trust someone with tattoos. Maybe that is because I grew up in a city where a large number of people have tattoos, or maybe it’s because I also have tattoos. Those things might make me biased. But I feel that people with tattoos are more creative and more of accepting people. I see no reason why a person with tattoos is not qualified for any job in a chosen field.

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