Passion for basketball lands Williams assistant coach position

Careers can take people to unexpected locations, which is how Matt Williams landed in West Texas.

Originally from Peru, New York, Williams had the opportunity to come to South Plains College to become the new assistant men’s basketball coach.

“The past four years, I was at another junior college called Georgia Highlands, outside of Atlanta,” says William, “So, I worked there for four years and I actually had the opportunity over the summer to come here and work for Coach Green.”

Williams graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor’s degree in sports management. He received his master’s degree in athletic administration at Concordia University in Irvine, Calif.AE MW

“My first job out of school was in North Carolina,” says Williams. “I was in North Carolina for a couple of years, then I worked in Georgia for four. I’ve been bouncing around. Basketball has always been my greatest passion. I grew up playing it in high school and played a little in college. Then I had the opportunity to get into coaching. I just really enjoy it, and I’m basically trying to see how far it can take [me].”

According to Williams, being the assistant men’s basketball coach at Georgia Highlands and being the assistant men’s basketball coach at SPC are somewhat similar duties. But, every school is different.

“Mostly, the main things I do is recruiting,” Williams explained. “Then we do a lot of work with the players. We try to make them better, help with player development, and, of course, academics. We try to monitor guys and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing in the classroom. Because the most important thing for us is to get really good players that are also good kids. But also, make sure they graduate so they can move on to NCAA Division I schools.”6oballqlntsg6nqn

Williams is excited to be working under Steve Green, head coach of the men’s basketball team, and he was surprised when he received the call from SPC about the job offer.

“The biggest thing for me is coming to SPC and working for Coach Green,” explains Williams. “He’s been here for 17 years now and won multiple national championships. He’s in the Hall of Fame. He’s been great to me. He has been looking out for me ever since I’ve been here. He’s given me a lot of opportunity, a lot of responsibility. So, to have that chance to learn from him every day has been great, and I’m just trying to make the most of it.”AE Basketball

According to Williams, his transition moving from the East Coast down to West Texas has been smooth.

“Everywhere I’ve lived, it’s been a little bit different,” says Williams. “It’s been going great. The people all around the school, the administration, the Athletic Department, the teachers, they’ve all been really nice to me. It’s been going really well here. I like the whole town. It’s close to Lubbock, so there are things to do. I’ve just been getting used to it. It takes time where ever you go. But it’s been going well, and the people have been great to me.”

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