Hollywood should stop making movies out of greed

Everyone knows that when a movie becomes popular and gets great reviews, the production studio that made that movie will get more money.

Movie production companies will always make a profit off of people’s enjoyment, and there is nothing wrong with that. But a studio’s greed can lead to them trying to surpass their competition, or creating unnecessary remakes. A movie company’s greed for money is something that results in popular franchises presenting awful and unoriginal movies.

One thing that a lot of studios do to make more money is to make remakes of past movies. One popular franchise that has made some live-action remakes and is continuing to do so is Disney.

adan op bb2Disney has made several remakes, including “The Jungle Book” and “Beauty and the Beast,” with only a few of these remakes getting decent reviews from multiple critique websites. Despite the negative reviews, Disney has planned for more remakes, such as a “Mulan” and “The Lion King.”

Remakes are just ways for popular franchises to make more money from their classic material. One can make the argument that remakes can still be good and will allow for future generations to enjoy movies that are more modern.

But with movies, such as the Disney classics, the stories or the imagery does not have to be updated to captivate future audiences, as the originals are still loved and can be appreciated by all ages. Movie companies making more money is the only reason why these unoriginal and inadequate remakes are continuing to appear.

Another reason that the greed of studios causes the production of bad movies is Hollywood’s push for unnecessary spinoffs.

adan op jb1“Star Wars” is a good example of a popular franchise that is beginning to present many spinoffs, such as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and the upcoming “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” These types of spinoffs are not necessarily bad movies, as I enjoyed “Rogue One,” and I am interested to see what “Solo” has to offer. But there seems to be nothing original or creative about these movies.

A studio’s desire for more money has led to the creation of these spinoffs that offer nothing new to the franchise and seem to act as a distraction to keep people engaged with the main story arcs.

The greed of movie companies will always lead to poorly produced movies, such as the uninspired remakes or the constant spinoffs. But this greed can still act as a factor in forcing certain studios to want to surpass their competitors, which is the prime reason why greed warrants more bad movies.

One main example is the competition between the Marvel movies and the DC movies. When Marvel started to form their cinematic universe early on, DC had to catch up and begin their line of movies.

DC’s desire to be the best and to make more money than Marvel is what caused the past DC movies, such as “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” to get very poor reviews. The movies seemed rushed and poorly structured.

Competition between movie studios can be a good thing, as it allows for growth and a desire to be better. But when greed is involved, the movies produced appear to be forcefully put together.

The greed of movie studios is a major factor that is detrimental to movies. This greed can result in many pointless and poorly made movies. This desire for profit has created a way for bad films to constantly appear.

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