‘Jigsaw’ disappoints with lack of creativity

After seven sequels of the movie “Saw”, the movie “Jigsaw” promised to deliver an

expectable twist to it.Jigsaw-saw

“Jigsaw” starts with a man named Edgar (played by Josiah Black) running away from the cops claiming that if he pressed the trigger he had in his hand new games would start.

As he gets shot, he presses the trigger and the screen changes. As with the other “Saw” movies, there are five victims for the games. These five strangers are chained with a metal bucket attached from the wall, with spinning blades attached to their head at an unknown location. John Kramer (played by Tobin Bell) starts talking on the intercom, even though he was supposedly dead. He announces the next set of games that are going to be played.

      The victims were chosen because everybody had a bad dark secret, so they must work together so they could survive. Every time someone dies, the body is exposed for the cops to find. There are two detectives named Halloran (played by Callum Keith Rennie) and Hunt (played by Cle Bennett), who oversee all Kramer’s victims. Also working on the case are two pathologists, Nelson (played by Matt Passmore) and his assistant, Eleanor (played by Hannah Emily Anderson), a big fan of Kramer. They are researching to really see if all the crimes belong to Kramer.
       The ideas in this movie and its overall plot are somewhat underdeveloped, since this is supposed to be a new “beginning” for these movies. The movie is cut from scene to scene very fast.

Different games and different stages are being played, such as a man’s head being sliced from the top by a wagon of laser cutters. Jigsaw asks two victims to confess the biggest crime they have ever done. The cop pressed the other’s victims button for him to start responding to Jigsaw’s question. He gets killed, then it’s the cop’s turn to respond to the same question. He’s about to get his head cut open up with laser when he realizes the pathologist is getting up, and the detective realizes he was being recorded.

jigsawwwThis is the eighth movie in the “Saw” franchise, so I strongly believe that the movie makers were just forced to make up something since this is the movie they claimed was going to be the “new beginning” with a new twist no one would see coming.

It was approximately 85 minutes and was supposed to make an impact, but it did nothing. This movie is known for all the diverse traps and gadgets that John Kramer had used in the previous movies. But I was not surprised at all by the basic equipment and punishments, with nothing new to me. It does not make me want to waste my money for the next sequel.

I strongly believe that the movie-makers could have done a better job, and not hurry the release date for Halloween so that the movie was worth watching. This movie fail to get the audience to feel involved with the movie and make them feel like the characters did.

I still have hope that the next sequel is better than the last movie. Let the games begin..

I rate this movie a 4 /10


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