Makeup provides opportunity for individuality, learning experiences

Covering flaws, being creative, expressing style, or showing the world your idea of what makeup is for, is up to you.

What you want to express to the world with makeup is a choice. Some people choose to cover their flaws because they aren’t confident about them. But some people choose to cover their flaws, even if they are confident about them, because that is just preference. Makeup is all about individual preference.

It is nobody else’s business to choose what makeup goes on your face. It is all about your choices and doing whatever the heck you want. That is the fun part about makeup; it can be whatever you want it to be.

Makeup can also be for being creative people, trying to show their artistic abilities. People do makeup for plays, shows, movies, and more. People even do it at home as an art for themselves, and that is perfectly OK. Makeup can transform you into animals, characters, nature, objects, or anything one desires.

Also, it can be a form of expression for any gender, race, or religion, and that makes makeup a common ground for people all over the world to connect with.

For some, that is exactly what makeup has done for them. YouTubers, bloggers, and makeup artists all connect with people. The online makeup community is huge right now, and it is building every day because it unifies everyone. That is what people need, so that is why some involve themselves in the makeup community.

For people searching to discover themselves, it can be an extremely crucial part of their daily lives. If their flaws distract them from their goals, it can lead to disappointment. If someone has creative tendencies and makeup is their art form, it can lead to depression from lack of self-expression. If self-conscious people can’t express themselves, it leads to a feeling of loneliness. That is why anyone who wants to wear makeup can do so.

Something people tend to forget is how a person feels about makeup, and they judge someone’s makeup off of their own preferences. The best thing is that there are so many choices when it comes to makeup. I believe that anyone can make themselves into what they want with makeup, and that should be more widely accepted, just as people can wear what they please. If someone wants to transform themselves, or even just enhance their beauty, do it. At the end of the day, it’s about what you want, not what society wants for you.

Our culture has the trait of caring so much about what other people are wearing, including makeup, instead of being aware of their own image. It is a fault in our society, but can also be a good part of it, because that means people are paying attention. If people are paying attention, more people will notice small things, such as makeup.

If more people are noticing, more people will accept it. Hopefully, if more and more people are becoming accepting, it will become more popular, makeup lovers of different interests will surface, and the fun of makeup will return to our society.

Makeup is not just for girls or any specific person. Makeup is about learning from experiences and having fun.

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