Word on the Street: Climate change

Compiled by Randi Jines and Bekka Ruiz

IMG_0521“Yes, I do. I think that, for our generation, we see a lot more natural disasters happening.”

Katelyn Maldonado – Education, Freshman, Lubbock


IMG_0518“Yes, it has to do with not just natural weather and stuff, but as what we do as people to make it worse.”

Varson Jackson – Biology, Freshman, Lubbock


IMG_0527“Yes, I definitely do. We are losing our cold areas. And our ice caps are getting smaller and smaller. I’ve definitely seen weather patterns change from the 25 years I’ve lived out here in West Texas.”

Janna Holt-Day – Speech Communications Professor, Vernon


IMG_0510“Yes, I hear that nine out of 10 scientists believe in it. And it makes me wonder what that one guy’s point is. From what I have heard, we haven’t studied Earth’s temperature change long enough to know a certain pattern. But I think we are just in one of Earth’s natural hotter periods right now.”

Holden Hensley – Art, Freshman, Lubbock


IMG_0512“I never really think about that. It’s just kind of the way things are.”

Matt Soto – Live Sound Reinforcement, Junior, Lubbock


IMG_0524“I do. A lot of the ice caps are melting. Climate changes happen a lot more profusely.”

Thalia Lopez – Pre-med, Sophomore, Brownfield

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