Texans looking toward conference play after slow start

The South Plains College men’s basketball team looks to dominate conference play after a somewhat shaky start to the season.

Going into Western Junior College Athletic Conference play, the Texans gained a 70-60 victory against Midland College on Nov. 29 at the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center in Midland.

Struggling to get their offensive production going in the first half, the Texans were held to 29 points and trailed the Chaps 34-29.

SPC found success through their veteran players flipping the momentum in their favor and outscored Midland College late in the second half to take the victory.

The Texans finished the second half with 41 points and held the Chaps to 26 points.

Sophomore forward Isaiah Maurice led the Texans with 25 points and six rebounds.IMG_2640

Freshman forward Deshawn Corprew put up 17 points, one rebound and five assists, while sophomore guard Jordan Brangers chipped in 13 points, seven rebounds, and one assist.

The Texans earned their second victory against Murray State, 75-57, on Nov. 25 at the Collin County Thanksgiving Classic in Plano.

SPC began the game exchanging points with Murray State, finishing the first half with a 28-26 lead.

The Texans managed to limit Murray State to 31 points in the second half, while the Texans took charge offensively with 47 points.

Sophomore shooting guard Ben Perez led the Texans with 15 points, one rebound and three assists.

Sophomore forward Raymond Doby finished the game with 13 points and nine rebounds and Brangers added 13 points and one rebound for the Texans.

In the opening round of the Collin County Thanksgiving Classic, the Texans were defeated by Seminole State, 84-77, on Nov. 24 at Cougar Hall in Plano.

In the first half, the Texans worked quickly to take an early lead but could not limit the offensive production by the Trojans. SPC finished the first half with 43 points going into halftime, but trailed Seminole State, 45-43.

The Texans continued their offensive pursuit in the second half, but struggled defensively.

Brangers led the Texans with 24 points, two rebounds and five assists.

Freshman point guard Keith McGee finished the game with 11 points, two rebounds and two assists, while freshman guard Christopher Orlina put up 10 points, four rebounds and two assists.

The Texans ended the SPC Classic with a dominant 100-79 victory against Collin County Community College on Nov. 18 at the Texan Dome.

The No. 3-ranked Texans worked quick offensively to gain the lead in the early minutes of the first half. With an effective inside game, SPC managed to get their perimeter shooters open, which made the difference in the first half.

IMG_2530The Texans held Collin County to 37 points of offense, while scoring 52 points to keep the momentum in their favor.

Collin County found offensive production as the second half progressed, scoring 42 points, but failed to find answers for the Texans’ offense.

Brangers, a sophomore All-American and returning guard, led the Texans offensively with 38 points, shooting 13 for 19 from the field and 7 for11 from the three-point line. Brangers also added two rebounds and two assists.

Maurice finished the game with 22 points and two rebounds for SPC.

The Texans shot 55 percent from the field, while pulling down a total of 43 rebounds and earning 20 assists in the victory against Collin County.

In the opening round of the SPC Classic, the Texans earned another victory against North Lake College, 79-59, on Nov. 17 at the Texan Dome.

With offense becoming the focal point of the game, both teams traded baskets through the first half. But the Texans eventually made key defensive stops and continued finding open looks to take a 39-28 lead going into the second half.default

Consistency in the offensive and defensive game allowed SPC to take a comfortable lead as the last minutes of the game ticked away.

The SPC defense held North Lake to 31 points and continued to get the ball to the basket, scoring 40 points in the second half to take the victory.

Maurice led the SPC offense with 15 points and three rebounds.

Perez chipped in 11 points while getting six rebounds and one assist.

Sophomore shooting guard Marcel Thompson finished the game with 11 points as well, adding two rebounds and one assist.

SPC split game in the Texan Classic, earning a 104-78 victory against Coastal Bend College on Nov. 11 at the Texan Dome.

The Texans began the game with an 8-0 run in the opening minutes.

The Texans went into halftime with a 56-40 lead and continued to overwhelm the Coastal Bend defense in the second half, scoring 48 points.

The Cougars put up 38 points, but could not find the momentum to cut down the Texans’ lead.

Brangers led the Texans offensively, tying his career-high of 38 points. The All-American also tied his school single-game three-point record with 10.

Sophomore guard Jamir Coleman finished the night with 16 points, pulling down 12 rebounds and one assist for the Texans. Sophomore guard Greg Shead produced 14 points along with five rebounds and eight assists.

Perez finished the game with 13 points, five rebounds and five assists, while Thompson also scored 13 points.

SPC suffered their second loss of the season to No. 22-ranked Arizona Western College, 90-88, on Nov. 10 at the Texan Dome.

Missed shots from the Texans in the first half helped Arizona Western take an early-lead, 47-37.

The Texans trailed the majority of the first half, getting open shots but failing to get any to fall. Defense became key for SPC, as they forced multiple stops to keep them within fighting distance of Arizona Western.

As the second half progressed, the Texans began to find offensive production through Brangers and closed in on Arizona Western.

With eight minutes left in the game, SPC went on an 8-0 run and took a 77-74 lead. As the clock went down to six minutes, the Matadors flipped the lead to 78-77.

The Texans managed to gain the last possession with 25 seconds left on the clock. With time about to expire, Shead was able to get a shot off from inside the three-point line but fell short, allowing Arizona Western to take the 90-88 victory.

Brangers led the Texans with 35 points and three rebounds.

Corprew scored 14 points and also had 10 rebounds for SPC. Perez finished the night with 13 points, two rebounds and four assists.

Coleman and Thompson added 10 points apiece for the Texans.


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