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action.jpgAction Comics #991

“The Oz Effect Part 5” brings a conclusion to the story arc, but creates more questions.

Jor-El, Superman’s father, has basically come back from the dead, with a piece of Kryptonite lodged in his head. Wielding a staff that relieved the pain of the Kryptonite, it was also driving him mad.

Kal-El, Superman, and Jor-El were finally starting to connect when Jor was pulled away by a portal, leaving Superman to find his father.



batmanBatman #35

In “The Rules of Engagement, Part 3” Selina Kyle, Catwoman, is fighting Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ras Al Ghul, who is the leader of the League of Assassins, for the right to marry Bruce Wayne, the World’s Greatest Detective.

Talia is the mother of Damian Wayne, the current Robin.

The sword fight between the two women is enjoyable, and the entire story arc has been extremely relateable. In all of its outrageous glory, the story is very grounded in a real-world situation that a large number of people have found themselves in, in some form or fashion: merging families.

This is defintely something I’ve been through, and seeing a character I cherish go through this is inspiring.

lostBatman: Lost #1

Following the events of “Metal #3”, in “Batman: Lost,” Batman is lost in the Dark Multiverse. Barbatos is showing Batman how he supposedly had a hand in all of Batman’s cases, from the very first one, making him the idolized detective that he is.

Barbatos tells Batman that he has only shown him a handful of the Dark Batmen that all of Batman’s fears and failures have produced in the Dark Multiverse.

The entirety of the “Dark Knights: Metal” arc has been pretty mind-bending, but “Batman: Lost #1” is mind-blowing.


GLHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32

In the third part of the “Bats Out of Hell” “Metal” tie-in, “None More Black,” Green Lantern squares up against his evil Batman counterpart, the Dawnbreaker.

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, is nothing if not inspiring, and his inspiration shines, literally and figuratively, in “Bats out of Hell Part 3.”

The Dawnbreaker’s ring absorbs light, and upon discovering this, Hal puts his ring to strobe, constructs a massive Green Lantern megazord, and puts the beat-down on the Dawnbreaker.

The pages are filled with contrasts of bright green and solid black, which works beautifully.


laughing batThe Batman Who Laughs #1

In “The Batman Who Laughs #1,” on Earth -22, in the Dark Multiverse, The Joker pushes Batman to his breaking point. Batman kills The Joker

Upon dying, the strongest form of Joker toxin is released into the air, and Batman, having just snapped his neck, was in close enough proximity to the Joker to get infected, and his brain started rewiring. Batman and The Joker became one, and Batman killed the bat family, the Justice League, and Superman’s family.

Then Barbatos shows him the whole Dark Multiverse, and sets him and all the other evil Batmen lose on Earth 0.


JLJustice League #33

In the “Bats Out of Hell Finale,” Cyborg’s Mother Box, the source of his powers, tells him it’s time to give in and let it take him over.

He gives it partial access, and is able to get free and let the Justice League out of their restraints, so they can team up against the evil Batmen.

They’ve finally made some progress, but it’s only “halftime,” according to Cyborg.

Their Batman is still lost in the Dark Multiverse. If the whole event hasn’t been a climax,than it is reaching its climax in this issue.


nightwing 1Nightwing: The New Order #4

In “Nightwing: The New Order #4,” The Flash, Beast Boy (or Beast Man now?), Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire, the mother of Jake, and Dick Grayson’s ex-wife, saved their long-lost friend Dick from being pummeled by the Green Lantern, Jon Stewart.

They’re all at odds with Dick for what he did to remove the powers from the planet, when they find out that Jake is being held because he might be the cure for people to get their powers back.

Kory, AKA Starfire, and Dick hashing out things as estranged lovers is quite relatable, and it’s cool to see that was written into this strange, alternate future.


doomsday clockDoomsday Clock #1

The world is ending. Much of the comic gives a mild back story for the Watchmen.

Previously a masked hero, Adrian Veidt, the self-proclaimed World’s Smartest Man, has been charged with the death of 3 million people.

Dr. Manhattan hasn’t been seen in years. The Comedian is thought to have been murdered by Veidt.

A new Rorschach has been sent to collect The Marionette to recruit her for something Veidt has cooked up.

A notion is made that Dr. Manhattan has fled to another universe, then we see Superman having a nightmare and the comic ends with a quote from Ozymandias that seems to reference Krypton.

Marvel Comics

Daredevil #595daredevil1

Matt Murdock is a lawyer who was blinded by chemicals as a child and developed hightened senses. He is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil.

In “Crushed by the Kingpin,” Matt returns from overseas to discover that Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, was elected mayor on a platform that all but mirrors Donald Trump’s.

Wanting to right this wrong, Matt sets out on a crusade against Fisk that is quickly shut down by a request from Fisk to build a case against the vigilantes in New York.

Displeased, Matt sets out in his tights to clear his head, when things take a bad turn.


The Incredible Hulk #710hulk

In “Return to Planet Hulk Part II,” Amadeus Cho, now The Incredible Hulk, is on Sakaar, fighting in the Warlord’s trials called the Gauntlet.

As the champion of the Doka’abi tribe, Hulk makes it through the first trial, which was basically an alien monster truck rally where everyone was trying to kill Hulk.

Amadeus “takes back the wheel” from the Hulk persona, then gets angry upon discovering that he’s only made it through one of five trials, which I’m assuming will continue in the next several issues.


The Mighty Thor #701thorC

Volstagg has been confronted by Mangog in “The Wrath of the Mangog.” A creature that is said to be “ferocity personafied… born from the rage of an entire slaughtered people.”

Mangog is the ultimate judgement of all Gods, and he has found Volstagg’s tenure as the War Thor wanting.

Almost the entire issue focuses on the Mangog demolishing the War Thor.

At the end of the issue, Malekith, the forefront of the war on the Nine Realms, appears out of nowhere and tells Mangog where he can find more Gods to slaughter.

The Punisher #218punisher

Frank Castle became the ruthless antihero The Punisher when his wife and children were murdered in a Central Park shootout and crooked cops kept their killers from receiving justice.

In “Punisher: War Machine Part 1,” ex-Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, approaches Frank for a job that just so happens to intersect with the Punisher’s current personal vendetta.

To pull off Fury’s mission, though, he’s going to need to requisition something from the Air Force: Tony Stark’s designed War Machine armor.

He aquires the War Machine suit and sets off on Fury’s mission with pure excitement.


*Marvel comics have returned to original numbering since the “Legacy” relaunch.

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