Dark side of social media highlighted by ‘Tragedy Girls’

“Tragedy Girls” is a horror / comedy movie starring two teenage girls, McKayla Hooper (played by Alexandria Shipp) and Sadie Cunningham (played by Brianna Hildebrand).

These two girls have a social media page called “Tragedy Girls” with a fan base based on a death-obsessed audience and gore. They use real-life tragedies to send their small western town their legacy and talent as modern horror legends. These two girls kill anybody that may be an obstacle in their way for fame.

The movie starts with Sadie making out with her boyfriend inside of his car. As the two are making out, Sadie starts hearing weird noises outside, since they were both parked at night at a creepy place. The boyfriend gets out of the car and gets killed by the most wanted serial killer from their hometown. This was all a plan from these two girls.

They finally get to kidnap the serial killer. Their hope was for him to teach them his methods so they can blame a rash of murders they’re planning on him if it ever comes down to it. They left the serial killer tied up with ropes at a warehouse outside the town, telling him, “We’re your biggest fans, dude!” as they leave to go have dinner with their families.

The movie works best when Kayla and Sadie mess up (which, it was all the time). They don’t really know what they’re doing, and their ignorance in the ways of savage but stealthy murdering leads to botched kills. One girl somehow ends up upside down, suspended by her ankle from a chain that swings her face-first into a live table saw.

tragedygirlsnewstillsfbThese two girls would kill anybody who would get in their way for “news” and fame on Instagram. They will kill their friends, students at the school they attended, just random people from their neighborhood for “likes” on Instagram, Twitter and on their Facebook fan page. They make people they have killed look like a runaway, or make it look like they committed suicide or just had accidents (where those occasions made them get mad). These two girls were “heroes” in their hometown for being able to work with authorities to “catch” the serial killer that they already had kidnapped, even though all the crimes were caused because of these two girls.

McKayla starts having her doubts once Sadie encourages her to kill the ex-boyfriend she still swoons over. Sadie does this for the need of stealing his Twitter followers. With the help of the sheriff’s son, who is crushing big time on Sadie, Tragedy Girls’ Twitter starts to soar, and so does the body count.

Later, it seems as Sadie has betrayed McKayla after Sadie gets all the praise after protecting the sheriff’s son after the serial killer went inside their house to kill them all. The two girls stop being friends. Prom comes, and they both go their own way. Sadie goes to the prom with the sheriff’s son, while McKayla plans with the serial killer to kill Sadie.

McKayla leads her to the attic at the school, and all four come along. The movie ends with the two girls killing the sheriff’s son and the serial killer. They both get on good terms and plan to kill the rest of the people at the prom.

This movie was good. I didn’t expect most of the things that happened, so that made it even better. This movie made me have the chills plenty of times, and I almost cried.

Movies like this one  make you realize how social media is such a big thing for people. Social media, and being liked on it, is all they can think about. It’s awful how society can be.

This movie demonstrates that and more. These 17-year-old girls kill innocent people for likes on Instagram. This movie is a must-see. I rate this movie 9/10.

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