Agreement signed ensuring seamless transfers to Texas Tech

“Destination Raiderland”

South Plains College and Texas Tech University recently signed a new agreement to ensure a seamless transition for transferring students.

The announcement was made on Jan. 17 in the mall area of the Student Services Building on the Levelland campus.

thumb_IMG_3874_1024Dr. Robin Satterwhite, president of South Plains College, and Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, president of Texas Tech University, and administrators for both institutions worked hard to create an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

  Through this agreement, Texas Tech will identify SPC as a direct pathway for students to get into Tech. SPC students will now be more encouraged to finish their associate’s degree at SPC knowing their classes will transfer with no doubt. This should help the graduation rates for SPC and Tech. SPC students are guaranteed admission unless there are other hindering factors. This helps Texas Tech meet their transfer goals. Also, the agreement allows transfer students to receive a grandfather clause into the same catalog for the academic year as those native Texas Tech students.

“The majority of students who have junior college back grounds are more likely to succeed in a university,” said Dr. Satterwhite. “Most of the students in higher education in the state of Texas come from a community college.” Dr. Schovanec also included that more than 75% of students at Texas Tech will have some credit from a community college.

SPC students will now have concrete criteria to follow if they want to attend TTU. Knowing that their classes will transfer with no trouble, SPC students will almost feel like Red Raiders, according to Dr. Schovanec.

The new agreement, a memorandum of understanding, changes the process of what transfer students mean to both institutions, because both institutions benefit from success rates.

“More than 75 percent of students at Texas Tech will have some credit from a community college,” said Dr. Schovanec.

Dr. Schovanec expressed during the gathering that it is important for the state that four-year institutions and two-year institutions have meaningful articulation agreements that provide a “seamless transition” from one institution to the other.

“This is a great day for our students,” added Dr. Satterwhite. “This agreement has been talked about for years. Both institutions have been pushing for a difference with the process for pre-transfer students.”

This agreement gives students a bigger incentive to finish two years at SPC.thumb_IMG_3887_1024

“Our presence here I think sends a message about how important our relationship is with this  community and South Plains college in particular,” said Dr. Schovanec.

“Every community college that feeds into TTU is important,” he added. “Each student helps the university prolong culture, inclusiveness, and access. Texas Tech values the character and qualities that comes from this part of the country. South Plains College holds a special position in that regard.”

SPC is the largest feeder of community college transfers to Texas Tech.

“It is a priority for us to maintain these connections,” said Dr. Schovanec. “Community colleges have a big impact in how students transfer from school to school.”

Both institutions recognize the importance of success and accessibility, which are just a few reasons the memorandum of understanding was signed.

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