‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ turns the tables in spectacular extravaganza

Everyone is ready to take over The First Order, and they will do anything to accomplish that mission.

“The Last Jedi” ventures into a strong, captivating film by building on the history of the original “Star Wars” movies. The movie is an extravaganza that brings in the details and adventures loved by fans in more depth, and shows off the quality and skill of the old and new actors. Seeing new faces and going along on adventures with the cast is refreshing and entertaining.

The action-packed film has the qualities of every good movie, and is close to the hearts of many viewers, considering the talented cast.

The movie was released in memory of Carrie Fisher, who sadly passed away in December 2017, though the new actors such as Rey (Daisy Ridley), Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (Laura Dern), and DJ (Benicio del Toro) do not have the honor of being Carrie Fisher, they did catch my attention. Just like the film, they left me wanting more.

The movie brought in $1.2 billion worldwide by the first week of January 2018, and was the highest-grossing film for 2017 for good reason. What I liked about this addition is there was more effort put into showing the spiritual side of the Expanded Universe.

This is where I saw the talent that the old and new actors have, because it brought emotion and rawness into the movie.

Another thing I enjoyed about the film was the older, well-known actors teaching and guiding the newbies into their roles in the EU.

The movie first captured my attention with the destruction of a First Order dreadnought, caused by Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac), when the Resistance flees D’Qar. Slowly but surely, after this impactful counterattack, the action and storyline grasps the viewer’s attention by unraveling the plot and path of each of the characters.

But when the story truly takes its first turn is when Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) craves to learn the ways of the Jedi, so she disturbs the well-hidden Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamel). Instantly, the pair caught my attention when together because of the undeniable truth that Rey was meant to follow in Luke’s shoes. The character connections made in this film were another big reason I enjoyed this movie so much. It brought out my all of my spiraling emotions, greatest fears, and excitement about what is to come.

Star Wars Resistance EmblemThe movie answered some unanswered questions from “The Force Awakens,” which I’m hoping happens in the next film as well. We found out that Rey’s parents are actually just nobodies, like Luke Skywalker’s. It was unveiled that Luke’s reaction to Rey was not what was expected for some, and their storyline falls together. The film also took a deeper look into Kylo Ren’s psyche. Something that made the movie more enjoyable for me was the humorous comments that weren’t erased and replaced with action scenes. Having Rey as a lead character was also empowering for me.

Something that brought the movie from a 10 down to an 8.7 for me were the questions left unanswered. With such a long time frame the movie creators had, they could have better portrayed what happened with a few of the details about story points and character decisions. Rey being the main character was the foundation of confusion in some of the scenes, but was not alone. I did like the new ideas and twists that these decisions led to, though.

For example, Rey and Kylo communicate through The Force because of the Supreme Leader, and can see each other. It is like a spiritual connection. Another impactful and spiritual moment was when Luke made a hologram of himself for a long time while fighting Kylo Ren. Skywalker was struck by the lightsaber, but there was no contact made. This connection is bringing to light things “Star Wars” movies have never shown The Force do, which is intriguing but confusing.

The movie gives me impressions that other movies do not, such as actually fearing for the characters when they are in danger. This is something I do not see in other movies these days, due to trailers making the movies extremely predictable.

“The Last Jedi” brought uniqueness back into movie releases, but somehow gave a relateable sense to viewers. I give this movie an 8.7 out of 10.

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