New ‘Dragon Ball’ Game immerses fans with engaging gameplay

The nostalgia of my childhood has been in full force the past few months.

I’m a little older than the average South Plains College student.  I was born in 1989, making me a ‘90s baby.  Everywhere I look, I see something that just scream the ‘90s.  With that said, when I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with “Dragon Ball Z.”  Oh, what a time it is. The ‘90s anime is making a comeback in a big way.  Outside of the anime, which is firing on all cylinders, there has been a slew of “Dragon Ball” games during the past few years. But finally, they have released the pièce de résistance!

“Dragon Ball Fighterz,” developed by Arc System Works, is the latest game in the “Dragon Ball” video games series. It is a sublime and sometimes mesmerizing addition to any “Dragon Ball” fan’s collection.  The look, the feel, the sounds of the game, they are all spot on.

Let’s get things straight. I would not consider myself a fighting game fanatic. With that said, the fighting in the game feels very fluid and is absolutely gorgeous.  I sometimes find myself watching my friends stream the game just so I can take in the beauty Arc Systems has produced in this game. The combo system is set low enough for a casual gamer to grasp, but a more experienced gamer could easily dish out some awe-inspiring attacks.  Blend in the combination of having a team of three fighters at your disposal, then a brawler could really do some damage during time on the battle field.

Arc Systems really did their research when developing the game.  The voice acting is a wish come true, that only the “Dragon Balls” could grant.  The developers gave fans the option to toggle either the original Japanese dub, or the English dub, for the character’s language.  That is a great idea. I enjoy the original Japanese voice acting, but I am pleasantly surprised by the option to choose either at any time. Outside of the voice acting, the sounds of the game are just as impressive. You truly feel like you are watching the anime when you are in a match.

dragon ball zLastly, while I do not want to let too much of the story out, I can say it is a spectacle in itself.  Any self-loving DBZ fan is doing a disservice by not playing through the game’s story mode.  There are call-outs to past events all throughout the game, kicking your nostalgia into hyper drive. You may need to bring your dragon radar to uncover all of these hidden easter eggs!

More importantly, if you are burned out on the repetitive nature of the past few “Dragon Ball” games, then you will be surprised to learn that “Fighterz” instead uses a new original story that is as captivating as it is gorgeous.

Hands down, this game is one of the better “Dragon Ball” games that have come out in the past few years.  All in all, if you consider yourself a fan of the “Dragon Ball “series, you need to play this game! I rate this game a nine out of 10!

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