Catholic Student Ministry president hopes to help students grow stronger in faith

Jasmine Carty hopes to help people with their personal faith and spiritual growth.

Carty, a sophomore from Palmer, Texas, is a kinesiology major and Catholic Student Ministries president.

Catholic Student Ministry is a group for students looking for a place to practice their Catholicism, which offers Mass, Bible study, and a student-run office. There are Bible studies at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Mass at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

As president of the CSM, Carty has responsibilities to accomplish with help from her fellow officers.

“I run officer meetings,” said Carty. “The officers work together to do fundraisers. I got to design the t-shirts for officers and the ones on sale school-wide. I run Bible study and give people volunteer opportunities.”

Carty said that she learned about the CSM at summer Orientation and learned more about the organizations and opportunities she has as a student.

“I learned about CSM at Orientation,” explained Carty. “I signed up for the Remind texts. At the CSM Mixer, I signed up to run for president.”

Carty took the opportunity to run for president with encouragement from her friends. As a president of any organization, it is important to be able to speak your mind and lead fellow students toward the right path.

“I ran because my friends told me that I would be a good president,” Carty explained. “I’m outspoken, and I get stuff done and not afraid to say what I mean.”

studentAs president of CSM, it is important to have a strong faith and help other students to build a strong faith and have a leader to guide them, according to Carty.

“I think the most important part of being president is making sure our members are heard,” said Carty. “Normally, in Bible study it would be a good idea to ask me questions one on one, because I enjoy ministering to people and talking about their personal faith and testimonies. I feel like not just as a president but as a Christian, it is my job to help people when they’re struggling or down.”

Carty encourages people to attend CSM and all their events. This organization helps students keep their faith and find some friendly faces. It is a safe place for Catholic students to express their faith and get involved in student activities on campus. This organization allows students to make decisions regarding choices that are made.

As president, Carty listens for input and helps accomplish goals for all of the students involved in CSM.

“Mass is really important for Catholics,” Carty said. “It is a really great way to get the body and blood of Christ. I enjoy the mass on campus. It’s a smaller service. But I enjoy the fellowship and being surrounded by people that share my beliefs and faith, and having that group of friends for me.”

Joining organizations on campus is a great way for students to become involved in something that excites them and is important to them. Running for offices in the organizations gives students a voice in the decisions made regarding the organization.

Carty said that she took this opportunity to become involved in an organization that is important to her as a Catholic and uses her voice to make changes that the students want to see. She encourages other students to use these opportunities.

“If people want to be an officer, they should definitely run,” said Carty. “It looks really good on a resume. It is a good opportunity to have your voice heard and be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

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