‘Insidious Chapter 4’ horrifying with happy ending

“Insidious: Chapter 4” is a suspenseful, mind boggling, horror movie!

“Insidious: Chapter 4,” the third movie in the “Insidious” series, stars Stephanie Scott (as Quinn Brewer), Lin Shaye (as Elise Rainier), and Dermot Mulroney (Elise’s father).

The movie begins in Elise’s dream. She is dreaming about her rough childhood, and how she had her psychic abilities even as a child. Her abilities caused her grief, because her father looked down upon her special gift. Attracting and communicating with spirits angered Elise’s father. Anytime she would partake in these activities, he would beat her.

Elise and her younger brother share a room. Her brother had a whistle that their mother gave him for any time he was scared. In the dream, Elise and her brother went off to bed, and while they were trying to go to sleep they were both frightened by a noise.  Elise got out of bed and approached the closet. She began communicating with a spirit. Her brother was terrified and yelled at Elise to stop! In distress, her brother blew the whistle, and the father and mother raced into the room. Elise admitted to talking to a ghost to her father. Her father beat her and locked her in the basement.

In the basement, Elise heard a voice whispering to her. She slowly approached a door, where the spirit’s voice was projecting from. It told Elise that she was very special, and that she can open the door with the key. It told her only she could open the door, and that she could open all the doors to the Further (a realm where the spirits are contained). Elise inserted the key into the lock and turned the latch.

the real oneShe began to scream, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her mother raced down to check on Elise, and the demon from behind the door hung her mother from the ceiling. The father raced down the stairs with sadness in his eyes. It quickly turned to anger, and he blamed Elise, whipping her with all the strength he possessed. Then Elise rapidly woke up from her dream of the past.

In her present life, Elise and her crew help people who are in need of ghost exterminations. She received a phone call from a man who said his house was extremely haunted. He began to repeat the address over the phone, and Elise slammed the phone onto the hook. The address was the exact address of her childhood home. She had not visited since she ran away from her brother and father at the age of 16.

Elise felt guilty and decided she was going to return home to help. When they arrive at the childhood home, she instantly feels the presence of  tons of spirits. They were the same ones that possessed the house when she was a little girl. She instantly knew the extent of measures she would need to take.

The ghost hunting crew went to a diner to get something to eat. Elise found herself staring at a girl who resembled her mother who passed away. The girl was accompanied by another girl who appeared to be her sister. An older man entered the diner claiming to be their father. When Elise laid eyes on him, she instantly knew it was her brother. He yelled at his two daughters to go outside, and told Elise to never talk to him again. He was bitter that she left him with their abusive father when they were children.

The crew returned to the house and Elise instantly got back to work. She was investigating her old bedroom. Spirits attempted to communicate with Elise. Under the bed, Elise found the whistle her brother lost ages ago.

One of the nieces followed Elise into the home, stating to Elise she has the same gift. They both rushed to the basement, following a girl spirit screaming for help. It was the same girl that tried to get Elise’s attention when she was young. The demon that killed her mother revealed its presence and possessed Elise’s niece, putting her into a coma. The only way to get her back was to enter the further.

Investigating and preparing for the Further, Elise found the girl spirit asking for help behind the basement door. She was a real human. The man that called Elise for help trapped her in the basement. He was possessed by the demon, and was brainwashed into doing this.

Elise discovered bones of many women who were trapped by her father when he was still alive. She instantly made the connection that the demon was the puppet behind the actions of her father. The reason why he was against her speaking to ghosts was that he didn’t want her to find out that he was possessed to trap women. This deeply angered Elise that this demon was the reason her entire family and childhood was corrupted.

She was motivated to go save her niece from the Further, and to finally put a stop to this demon. Elise entered the Further and was having trouble keeping her goal in check. Her other niece also possessed the same gift, and followed behind to help Elise. They both found the demon, and it pinned Elise down. Her niece saw the important whistle and threw it in Elise’s reach.  Elise blew the whistle as loud as she could. This called on the spirit of her mother, and they finally were able to defeat the demon. They quickly raced to escape the Further and to return the other niece’s spirit to her body so she could awaken from her coma.

This resulted in a relatively happy ending, and the answer to any questions Elise had about her childhood. I rate this movie an eight out of 10!

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