Risks of online dating puts teens n dangerous circumstances

Teenagers go online to meet new people, but they can be blind to the problems and dangers it brings.

Many teenagers around the world participate in online dating. They download applications and use dating sites such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and Hot or Not, among others. These sources are typically used to meet for dates in your general area, possibly making a connection. What many teens don’t understand is the issues that arise from online dating.

Online dating was originally made for older people who were having trouble meeting new people. Older adults have a harder time socializing and going out to find the man or woman of their dreams. Many are afraid that after losing their loved one or losing a connection with one they once loved, that they will never date again. When they do attempt to date, they are scared they might have lost their game. So online dating has been a tool to allow adults to date easier, and to quickly find someone who is similar to them.

Several teens started to also partake in these dating sources. The problem is that there many predators on the Internet. Predators will try to deceive younger people in order to get their attention. It’s extremely dangerous, especially if they decide to eventually meet up. They could get seriously hurt or kidnapped.

You never know who you are really talking to on the Internet. Adults have been around longer, so they have better intuition. They are more wise when it comes knowing if something or someone is dangerous. Older people are knowledgeable about taking precautions when meeting a person for the first time. This is also still very dangerous, even for adults.

A reality TV show called “Catfish” was even created to show the difficulties of online dating. It features scenarios about people who are chatting online and lying about their identities. Many of them use fake pictures because they are uncomfortable with how they look. Some do it to even target and trick someone they don’t like. The creepiest ones are those who trick women and men into being attracted to them in order to receive inappropriate pictures. A lot of times, younger people are the ones to ask the show for help, because the young generation can be the most oblivious about seeing big red flags from people lying to them.online dating

Another big issue with using dating sites is very similar to the problems electronics cause. It starts teaching the younger generation to forget how to socialize. People are so reliant on the dating sites that they don’t even know how to date without using them. Young adults are beginning to become oblivious to what it’s like to go out and meet people on their own, without using an electronic device.

Young people shouldn’t already be having the same problems as an old divorced person who is having trouble finding new love. They should be going out and having fun, enjoying their youth, because you are only young once. They should not be worrying about finding the right woman or man to share the future with.

The best feeling is when you just let go and let life lead you on the roller coaster. If it was meant to happen, it will happen on its own.

Anyone can be who they want behind a tiny computer screen. You never know who you could be talking to, or the problems that arise out of it. So it’s best for young adults to do it the old fashion way, and stay off sketchy dating sites and apps.

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