Alum pursues music while continuing education

Marcus “Banks” Fitzhugh has gone from sliding and dancing around on the kitchen floor to performing at the House of Blues.

Fitzhugh attended South Plains College from 2014 to 2016, studying physical education, then continued his education in secondary education at Lubbock Christian University.

He says that his favorite part about SPC is how inclusive it felt and how everyone around was chasing after the same goals, creating a great vibe to be around, which motivated him the weeks leading up to graduating.

The Lubbock native decided to pursue secondary education with encouragement from his grandmother and the desire to be involved in the lives of his future children.

“I decided to study education originally because I wanted to be able to coach and teach my future kids and my friends’ kids,” said Fitzhugh. “I’ve always thought that would be really cool, and my grandmother told me as a teenager she thought I’d be very good at it.”

Fitzhugh became involved in music when he was 10 years old. He would sing in the church choir with his brother on Sunday mornings and spend time making songs on the weekends. He explained that he would dance and slide around in the kitchen like Michael Jackson, and Usher’s style inspired him.

“My inspiration stems from those of the past and my life experiences,” said Fitzhugh, who graduated from Lubbock High School before attending SPC.

He now raps and creates R&B music while continuing to pursue his education

. He writes his songs based on what’s going through his mind. He explained that sometimes they turn out good, and sometimes they do not.

alumn“I’m moving away from the whole album idea,” said Fitzhugh, “ because I think we live in a generation that consumes music differently than before. So, you probably won’t get a full-length album from me any time soon. But I will be releasing singles periodically throughout this year. This means much more to me than putting out an album. Because, with singles, I can touch whatever subject I want, whereas an album sometimes has a theme and some subjects don’t sound good together.”

Fitzhugh has plans for his new music and what he wants his fans and listeners to realize.

  “I hope that for this upcoming music people just realize that I’m talented and how hard I work,” said Fitzhugh. “I think sometimes people think that people who want to make music do it as a gimmick. But for me, it’s not. I really work hard at my craft. I hope someday that it’s respected and enjoyed.”

A dream that most musicians hope to accomplish is performing at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. Fitzhugh accomplished this goal in December 2016. He explained that it felt like how he always dreamed it would. He had the chills before and after being on stage, which told him that he was doing what he needed to do.

“I will perform there again soon,” said Fitzhugh. “I’m speaking that into existence now.”

With studying secondary education and creating music, Fitzhugh has plans to keep his music and education from colliding.

“I hope that for me, my music and life as an educator will be separate,” said Fitzhugh. “Music for me is a release to vent and just express whatever I feel in that moment. As an educator, you have to be careful, and I understand that.”

You can find his music on all of his social media as @whoisbanks_.

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