Taylor opens heart, home to students

Many college students feel extremely lonely when they move away from home.

Jada Shae Taylor is a student who wishes to change this with her kindness. She puts together a dinner every Sunday for any student who wishes to attend.

“I have a huge heart,” says Taylor, “and Sunday Dinner has always been a tradition in my family. While at South Plains College, I met people who became a part of my family. I started Sunday Dinner because I feel that it is my calling to be a service to others. For all that I am blessed to have, it is a priority that I share my blessings.”

Taylor, a sophomore early education major from Lubbock, explains that the dinners are open to anyone. An average of 25 to 30 students attend her dinner each Sunday. The dinners consist of food, drinks, and dessert, all provided by Taylor.

“I start cooking around 2 p.m.,” said Taylor, “and dinner is served at 7,” says Taylor.

She tries to make these days as fun and enjoyable as possible. Each Sunday, she hopes to see the dinners grow.

Personal experiences are what inspired Taylor the most to help others fit in.

“Feeling like you have a place where you belong is important to me,” Taylor explained. “Throughout middle school and high school, I always felt like I didn’t belong. And I know how hard it is to succeed when you feel misplaced. So, I try to welcome everyone to encourage them to prosper.”

IMG_6810Taylor’s charitable deeds inspired others to give back to her. Her peers nominated her for Homecoming queen and voted for her.

“I was completely shocked,” Taylor said at the crowning moment on March 1 at Texan Dome. “I honestly didn’t expect to win. I felt honored. It was truly a blessing.”

Taylor also was recently presented with a Spirit of Martin Luther King Award at SPC for presenting kindness, passion, and providing service to others.  She received the award on Feb. 27 in the Sundown Room at the Student Center on the Levelland campus.

Besides Taylor always helping others, she also has a goal for herself.

“My goal is to receive my teaching degree,” Taylor said. “I will then use that to become a Peace Corps volunteer. I want to be a teacher in Africa.”

Taylor also has a dream to keep helping others as an early childhood education major. She explains that she attends SPC for the learning experience to help her grow. As for advice she has for other students, Taylor says, “Stay focused! Work as hard as you can while you are young. And love as much as you can.”

Taylor said she enjoys taking good care of herself as well.

“I enjoy treating myself to well-earned shopping sprees and self-catering,” she said.

Taylor says her biggest inspirations are her blessings.

“I am blessed with life, with loving family and friends,” Taylor explained. “Every day that God wakes me is an opportunity for me to love and give to His people. It is the least I can do. All that I am and will be is because of God.”

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