Trying important in living without regret

If it fills your heart and mind with hope for tomorrow, it deserves your attention and ambition.

Though you may consider yourself incapable of ever proving worthy of holding it, you can only ever evolve through trying. Your greatest weapon is your self-esteem, and those who succeed accept and surpass the rejections presented to them.

Do not corner yourself within your overactive imagination. Nothing ever truly matches your expectations, and how you unravel a situation in your mind is harsher than anything that could be provided by reality. Though you may uncover humiliation and sorrow at the end of your efforts, you still own the moment when you set your worries and fears aside to reach for what you believe in.   

Others may mock you, but never surrender to their doubts. You are your own individual, and the expectations and shortcomings of others do not determine your success. Even if someone shares the same desire as you and falls to their choices, you are not cursed to repeat their mistakes. No matter what you have seen or have been told, your path is your own to follow. Though you may learn from others, only you can define your resolution.

Remember, you are not worthless. Everyone has within them the necessary genius and heart to find their ideal ending for themselves. You need only be willing to take the time to look within yourself at all you have to offer and how you must improve. Though you might not reach the dream you seek, that which prevents you from taking the first step is nothing more than your own insecurity.

You must learn to charge at your limits with the intention of bouncing off or breaking through, the future won through consistency and perseverance. You may seem weak now and your ideas idiotic, but all are at first. They require deliberate thought and practice to become something capable of drawing the world’s attention. More than talent, that which separates you from the all-time greats and your ideal self is resolve. david 2

Dare to live outside of the habits of others. If you want more than what is average, you must be prepared to make sacrifices and to stand on your own. Through careful planning, discipline, and courage, you can gain a sincere confidence few have. Those who stand atop the mountain are those with the bravery to climb to the peak when others won’t. They make honest attempts and take calculated risks, knowing how far they may fall.   

There is satisfaction to be found in bitter defeat as long as it is earned. Those who no longer walk the earth do not regret that their journey ended. Rather, they never learned to step with courage. To be safe from death is not to spend a lifetime hiding from it, but to show such passion and appreciation that it will never catch you off-guard.

Should everything be robbed from you, nothing can ever take your pride in living for what you consider righteous. There is undeniable worth in trying alone and dying for what you believe in. Despite the world’s cruelty, the final measure of a lifetime is what it gave to pursue its goal.

The worst thing that can happen to you is for you to consider your story over before it is given the chance to start. Be afraid, uncertain, and embarrassed, but never give up. Dedicate nothing less than your best effort, and the world will open up to you in ways beyond your expectations. Allow yourself to try, and even in failure, you will live without regret.

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