Word on the Street

IMG_2555Anyone can work anywhere. I believe as long as they learn how to do their job correctly, I don’t feel like there should be a problem with what gender they are.”

Reina Vargas – Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Levelland




IMG_2560There are jobs where it doesn’t make sense. I think that jobs should be equal opportunity, unless there is a specific example where that would be a bad idea.”

Madeleine Solano-Garretson – Freshman, Accounting, Aledo




IMG_2554If I wanted to be a mechanic, I could be a mechanic. If a guy can do what a girl can do, a girl can do what a guy can do.”

Claudia Delgado – Freshman, Therapy, Littlefield




IMG_2562I’d say that everyone should have a shake to do whatever they want. I think there are people that may not fit the stereotype. For maybe a woman being a welder, I don’t think there is any reason a woman couldn’t be a welder.”

Matthew Nichols – Sophomore, Business Administration, Sundown.



IMG_2557If you’re looking for men in certain jobs and women in other jobs, then they should be able to hire based on what they are looking for. If you’re looking for like a CEO, then I’m for equal opportunity.”

George Osuna – Freshman, Undecided, Lubbock




COMPILED BY Kendall Rainer and Autumn Bippert





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