Word on the Street

ChrisNo. Personal information is personal information for a reason. I wouldn’t say it’s personal information and turn around and market it.”

Christopher Lary – Sophomore, Design Communication, Brownfield


HectorIt depends on context. Yeah, I support it. It is up to personal responsibility to know what you post and don’t post. People have to know to read their terms of service. At the end of the day, you have to be accountable for it.”Hector Canales – Sophomore, Astro Physics, Levelland



prachiNo, because you don’t want to expose your personal information. There could be side effects. It could be bad. They could misuse your information for the wrong purposes. It’s better to have something that’s appropriate for everyone to see it.”

Prachi Sharma – Freshman, Nursing, Levelland



MitchI’m aware that whatever I put online is there for people to see, despite your privacy settings. I realize it’s available for anyone that wants to get it, so I don’t really have a problem with it.”

Mitch Wilt – Sophomore, Engineering, Lubbock




MarcusNot necessarily, because of the privacy of the information. It should not be given out without my consent.”

Marcus Gamboa – Sophomore, Design Communication, Lubbock

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