‘Roseanne’ reboot sparks excitement,nostalgia among fans

The great American family is back, and they are more dysfunctional than ever.

“Roseanne” is an old comedic television series that aired in the late 1980s and ended with its ninth season during the late 1990s. The show centers around a middle-class family trying to get through the hardships of life.

The series, which focuses on the titular character’s life as a wife and a mother, has a lot of great characters put in hilarious and dramatic situations. The show has gained a lot of praise during and after its run on television.

After countless demands from fans and many rumors across the media, the series has finally been rebooted.

The premiere for the “Roseanne” reboot, which takes places nearly two decades after the original series, caused a lot of excitement among the “Roseanne” fanbase. The first few episodes of the reboot bring back a lot of the loved qualities of the original series, while introducing new characters and plot elements. 

The premiere begins with Rosanne (Roseanne Barr) and her husband, Dan (John Goodman), living their lives in the same iconic house. After Darlene (Sara Gilbert), Roseanne’s daughter, loses her job, she and her kids, Harris (Emma Kenney) and Mark (Ames McNamara), move into Roseanne’s house.

roseanne-rebootThis story arc was very interesting, as it introduced Darlene’s children and allowed for a lot of hilarious situations. 

Being a fan of the previous series, I really enjoyed seeing Darlene, who is now a mother, deal with her kids and Roseanne. Even though most of the characters have grown, they still have the same, memorable personalities that make them unique.

Seeing Roseanne execute her sarcastic remarks with new supporting characters was very entertaining to watch. The new actors who play Roseanne’s grandkids are really talented and make me excited to see what else is in store for them later in the series.

Despite the performance of the new actors, my favorite characters were still the ones who returned from the original series.

I really enjoyed the return of Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), Roseanne’s sister, as she is my favorite character from the original series. I hope to see her in more episodes, as she did not get enough screen time in the premiere.

Seeing DJ (Michael Fishman) and Becky (Lecy Goranson), Roseanne’s other kids who are now grown adults, acting alongside their co-stars again was very exciting. They are also not utilized in the premiere as much as the main characters.

This is one of my complaints with the premiere, as the supporting characters are the best part of a sitcom. Even though the premiere only consisted of two episodes, I would have liked to learn more about what happened to Jackie, DJ and Becky during the years between the original series and the reboot. I can only hope that the other side characters appear more in future episodes.

Regardless, the interactions between the actors are hilarious. The cast still has the same fun, engaging chemistry that they had in the original series.

Whether it be the characters commenting on running gags from the original series, or the witty, cynical dialogue between the actors, any fan of “Roseanne” or sitcoms will have a fun time with this reboot. 

Set in the 21st century, the “Roseanne” reboot tackles a lot of topics, which allows for more comedic and serious moments that anyone would be interested in seeing in a sitcom.

The reboot is reflective of many recent issues, such as the 2016 presidential election outcome and homosexuality, that people of this generation can relate. It was interesting to see the series progress while retaining the same cynical humor and personality.

The introduction of current events acts as a beneficial plot element, rather than a social barrier that some television shows cannot get past.

The premiere for the “Roseanne” reboot does not have everything a fan wants. But it still holds up to its predecessor with witty humor and memorable characters.

Anyone can find something to relate to in this premiere, whether they have seen the original series or not. This premiere is a clear indicator that past television shows can still thrive years after ending.

I give the premiere for the “Roseanne” reboot a nine out of 10.

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