Flatbush Zombies release inspiring album

A new album by Flatbush Zombies is a creative, lyrical, and was deftly produced.

Flatbush Zombies are a rap group from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, in New York City. The group members are Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Eric Arc Elliot, who also serves as their record producer.

They recently released their second album, “Vacation in Hell,” on the Glorious Death Recording label. There are nine features on the album, including Joey Bad***, Asap Twelvy, Bun B, Jadakiss, Portugal the Man, Dave B, DIA, Nyck Caution, and Denzel Curry.

To get their fans pumped up for the album, they have been giving a preview of the album. They released “Headstone” with its music video as a sample for what’s to come. The Zombies also came out with a promotional skit and an album trailer. It excited many of their fans, including me.

Flatbush Zombie’s first album, “A Laced Odyssey,” debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart. So, they hope to strive even farther with their new creation.

My favorite song is “Vacation,” the third track on the album. Joey Bad*** made a star appearance in this song. In an interview with Ebro on Beats1 Radio, Flatbush Zombies said that Joey Bad*** showed up without a pen and spit the verse in the same session when he first heard the beat. They also released an official music video to this song on April 19, with the crew rapping on a yacht. This song is about how hard they worked to get their names out there with their own blood, sweat, and tears. Now they are getting the recognition they deserve and their career feels as if it’s a vacation, because they love what they are doing.

“U&I” is a captivating song second on my favorites list, and track 13 on the album. DIA has a feature in this heartfelt melody. Each member shares a smooth verse over production from member Eric Arc Elliot. Eric states on Twitter, “A lot of people will search for an eternity for unconditional love.” He explains that sometimes you get that love from your family, and other times you don’t. Brothers are bonded by blood first, but friends are bonded by love always. This song really speaks to me, because I was never rich in the family department. I had to build bonds with other people, and they became the family within my heart.flatbush-zombies-logo

“Facts” is a Flatbush Zombies banger on the album. Jadakiss features on this track and discusses with Meechy Darko about the cold hard truth about most rappers. Many rappers in the game are not as hard as they say they are, and that everything is not as it seems on the surface. They stereotype most rappers, saying that they just like to party, spend money, and do drugs instead of focusing on making good music. The group also talks about how just because a woman is attractive does not mean she is a gold digger or a snake. Flatbush Zombies focuses on spreading their message in their music, in a respectable way.

“Misunderstood” is the 17th track on the album and also deserves a spot on my favorites list. The track features Pro Era member Nyck Caution on the hook. The song taps into the dark side of people’s hearts. It details and explains their internal problems, such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It’s a relatable song, because everyone has those dark moments in his or her life, and this song taps into that.

Last, but definitely not least, is “Glory,” the track that closes the album. The Zombies enlist Denzel Curry for a light, introspective song. All four rappers talk about their insecurities, failed relationships, and hardships. They discuss how they contributed to their own difficult situations. Unlike other introspective Zombies songs, this one has a more positive outlook and tone. It was a way for them to tell everyone to be more conscious with their your actions, because only you create the outcome of your future.

There are several more extremely inspiring songs on this album. I recommend that everyone check it out.

“Vacation in Hell” is a very creative and breath-taking album. I rate it a 10 out of 10!

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