Lifelong friendships created through Plainsman Press

The Plainsmen Press has changed my life forever.

I have met some lifelong friends, as well as having experiences that I will keep forever.

These people have made the newspaper class worth it.

The professor, Charlie Ehrenfeld, is my favorite professor of all time, even though sometimes he gets on my nerves. He knows some of my family from Levelland, so I cannot really act up. He is a really good professor and will help anyone in any way that he can. I was not a public relations major or journalism major, so I did not have any other classes with him besides newspaper class. But from what I heard from other people that took his other classes, they told me that he is a great professor. Charlie was always there for me when I needed someone’s advice about anything and would steer me in the right direction, even though sometimes I did not listen the first couple of times. Charlie always pushed me to be the best person,  as well as a student, as I could be.

Then there was Dominic. Dom used to always give me such a hard time about everything that I did. He would always make me laugh. He always used to tell me that I stressed him out all the time because of the crazy things that I did. But Dom was always there for me when I needed him. Dom is a nice person, even though sometimes he would try to play it off that he was a bad guy with a bad-boy attitude. He was actually the first person who convinced me to start taking sports photos and taught me how at a SPC basketball game. He also helped me when I was at TIPA. Dom was not in this class this semester but still would help me take sports photos and I talk to him weekly.

Matty is one my best friends of all time. I first met Matty at the mall when we worked together, and we also met through mutual friends. Matty was the person who introduced me to the Plainsman Press and I honestly never regretted taking this class even though it does not count toward my degree. Matty and I are such opposite people, which is why we got along so well. We kept each other in place while having a good time being friends. Matty transferred to Texas Tech this semester, and I will meet up with him next semester.IMG_0548

Tovi is such a motivating person. I used to sit in the Newsroom with her before class would start. Tovi and I both have English Bulldogs and would always talk about our dogs and send each other pictures of them. We used to talk about random things in that Newsroom. Tovi has such a big heart for life that is so wonderful. She would do anything to save an animal, as well as the Earth. She honestly changed the way that I look at life.

This semester, these people are not here, besides Charlie. But the people who are in this class this semester I am not that close with. But they are all very friendly and nice when I talk to them. They are a good group, even though it is a small group.

Plainsman Press will be something to always remember. I would honestly recommend it to anyone to take this class, even though it can be a lot sometimes. This class will change the way that you look at everything, as well as meet help you meet people who you never thought you would be friends with.

I will miss this class very much, and I wish nothing but the best to the students in this class next semester. I hope they have as much fun as I did.

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