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IMG_6827I do not believe that public college or universities should be free, because I feel like that would allow people to go to college for as long as they wanted and take as many classes as they wanted, and there would be no incentive to get out. I also love getting paid for teaching college, and if the students aren’t paying, then who is going to pay my salary?”

Kelley Finley – Assistant professor of speech, Bledsoe



IMG_2956No, I think instead what we should be doing is giving more money to STEM related majors to bring more people into those types of majors and help grow the economy a little bit more. But the way our economy is shaped right now, making college free wouldn’t help it.”

Nancy Munoz – Sophomore, Pre-Engineering, Levelland



IMG_6835I think community colleges serve a part of the population that we should be focusing on, on a national level. Having said that, anything you give for free isn’t valued, which is a shame. So I can see both sides. I want higher education to be accessible for all. But at the same time, it probably should cost something so it can be appreciated and so people can work for it.”

Aaron Greene – Assistant professor of Geology, Slaton



IMG_2961I think so, because there are a lot of people out here that need an education, and I know there is a lot of people that go to college but never get their degree. I think giving them a free education would be a good thing.”

Nikolaus Coldrion – Sophomore, Radio Television and Film, Lubbock




IMG_2960If we do make college free, what is going to be the impact on the community itself? Would there be a tax raise? It sounds like a good idea, but I think the prices we are given now is kind of pushing it.”

Ethan Villa – Sophomore, Pre-Engineering, Lubbock

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