Border Collies exceptional breed, loving companion

by Geneva Natal


There are many different kinds of dog breeds, but Border Collies are the best.

Bred around the Anglo-Scottish border, which is between England and Scotland, these dogs were bred specifically for their intelligence and obedience. Any dog is trainable, but Border Collies have a faster learning capacity than any other. Proving they are one of the smartest dogs, they live up to expectations and are easily trainable.

These dogs can give you a high-five or even give you a hug after you both have a long work day. Border Collies, which are sheep dogs, have the energy to work all day with you on the farm or run around all day with you. They are basically the cutest workaholics ever.

Border Collies are amazing around other animals, as they are very energetic and loving toward large and small animals. They will almost always welcome any new pet. Just be wary because there is a high possibility they will give too much love. It helps to give these dogs a friend if you don’t have the time or energy to keep them occupied. Border Collies have a lot of energy to keep you loved and happy. But if you can’t bring them along, leave them with a friend.

That friend could be a child, and then both of these cute energy balls will be busy while you can relax. Never worry about your children around these dogs, as they are protective but not fierce. Border Collies may love on you but will be wary of strangers. In my experience, they will keep you close and be attentive while protecting their owners. They are active and playful, always eager to give you their attention and keep yours. With their gentle nature, these dogs give awesome cuddles when you’re lonely because of their soft fur. After a long work day, these dogs are happy to relax and sleep next to you or at your feet. They are always there for 2

I believe that along with their beautiful and majestic fur comes an awesome personality. Border Collies can be your best friend if you make that connection. Communicate with these dogs and they will always keep you company. Their personality shines when they are with their owner. But you won’t see it if you don’t pay attention. Whether you are down or up, Border Collies will bring you a smile that lasts until you have to leave with a heavy heart. Each day is different, and coming home to a loyal best friend is what everyone needs.

Not only are these dogs amazing in every way, my personal favorite attribute is the color of their fur. The colors range from black to gold, and I love how the color of brown looks on my Border Collie. Most dogs vary in color, but none pull it off as well as a Border Collie.

Border Collies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Each person has his or her own favorite dog breed, from Poodles to Golden Retrievers. But Border Collies finish first across the board.

Other dogs can fit in a purse or become police dogs and be amazing to the general population. There are many different dog breeds that are stronger, more protective, and possibly cuter than a Border Collie. We can agree to disagree on the best dog breed known to man. However, no one can dislike the soft, cute, and friendly nature of man’s best friend, Border Collies.

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