‘The Meg’ delivers new take on popular movie genere

A massive 75-foot shark approaches a heavily populated beach off the coast of Asia. The beast barrels past a yacht, with passengers watching helplessly as the megalodon wreaks havoc on the innocent beach-gowers.

“The Meg” is packed with thrilling and suspenseful scenes that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire movie.

the-meg-new-posterDirected by Jon Turteltaub, “The Meg” is a movie about a colossal prehistoric shark known as a Megalodon. The movie is set on a high-tech, deep sea research facility submerged on the edge of the Mariana trench. The facility was funded by Jack Morris (Rainn Wilson), an eccentric billionaire.

The facility’s main purpose is to study and possibly find new depths in the ocean floor thought to be hidden under a layer of frozen gas.

The main character, Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), was a retired deep sea rescuer.  He is brought out of retirement when he was sought out and tasked with a mission to rescue the stranded team.

A team of researchers led by Jonas’ ex-wife Lori (Jessica McNamee) sets off in a deep sea submersible vehicle, reaching the hypothesized layer of gas. The team proceeds and breaks through the layer of gas separating the rest of the ocean from a secluded deep sea environment.

The team is suddenly attacked by a gargantuan creature that abuses and disables their submersible, leaving them stranded at the bottom of the ocean.     

Jonas is recruited by Dr. Minway Zhang (Winston Chao), who is the head scientist on the research facility, and Mac (Cliff Curtis) an old friend.

Jonas believes that a Megalodon is responsible for attacking and disabling the submersible, due to his previous encounter with the beast years before when it attacked a wrecked military submarine and forced him to leave two friends behind.the_meg

Jonas is brought to the research facility where he meets Suyin (BingBing Li), a shark expert who is running the research facility.

While Jonas is rescuing the crew, they are attacked by the Megalodon. Jonas nearly escapes with the crew, but not before releasing the Meg from the icy depths of the trench.

Generally, when people think of a movie with a giant shark, they think of one of the “Jaws” movies, a cliche and poorly developed movie with underdeveloped characters. When a character dies in a “Jaws” movie, it is not really a big deal.

In “The Meg,” the movie and the characters are well developed. The audience can easily connect with the characters. When one gets eaten by the Megaladon, it is sad and feels like a personal loss. When a character sacrifices himself to save the other divers stranded at the bottom of the ocean, it feels like a personal loss.

My favorite scene from the movie is when the team punctures the layer of frozen gas and first sees a completely different world at the bottom of the ocean, one that is untouched by man and has been completely cut off from the rest of the ocean for millions of years. The team drops lights revealing the beautiful landscape at the depths of the ocean.

I give “The Meg” an eight out of 10 for its amazing special effects and the well developed characters.

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